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Natural beauty Supermodel of the world s childhood photos

New York fashion week spring/summer 2013 nears, we can't wait for next season's trends, this season's fashion week will appear from all over the world's top supermodel, pretty face, sexy body all the genetic parents of beautiful genes? Let us look at the models of the super cute childhood pictures…

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Gadgets put the power of lens accessories

Four fashion week is over, various people outside the show stars spell except at the head of a Maverick, but knows how to pronounce qiaojinr please Tommy Ton, Bill Cunningham, a street photographer "long short gun." Just know that if you mix too much force does not become the focus lens on, believe …

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High alert ahead of fashion into the Apple era

Says fashion is a super time rhythm of the avant-garde, but at the same time after the technology pioneer. Share heart filled little lady mentality that was able to show, rely on digital iron wall of touch, also began the rhythm crowd of "business".

Fashion into the "Apple" era

It's not! With the…

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Ford electronic dog not only the speed will slow down

Every citizen should know that speeding, passenger to driver himself, and even may result in serious harm to the public. Even so, there are still many drivers deliberately speeding while driving because of various reasons, but some drivers were speeding, but they do not know they have the speed limi…

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