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Annual dress up dresses no need to worry about 19 temperament outbreak

Now coming out of the company's annual meeting to be held in time, wanted to steal it at the annual meeting to make a match, pants too seriously lack of femininity, a dress must be your best choice. If you do not have to wear formal evening dress at the annual meeting, then cut simple and graceful s…

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Shu Qi thriller eye green legs stockings to wear the wrong surprise

Each woman are yearning for can has like Shu Qi as long of beauty leg, regardless of wear Shang what style of pants or skirt for see of people for in Visual Shang are is a beauty of enjoy, and Shu Qi also is a letter of stockings control, this more can perfect of show out Shu Qi good of leg curve, b…

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Color life four seasons jewelry with tips

As early as 1920, United States study on color with color matching expert Johannes human skin are divided into four categories: spring, summer, autumn, winter, four seasons skin pigmentation and its representative the name of the appropriate fit.

"Spring" recovery of ivory, pink or apricot molasse…

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Superman dress up Hollywood eye pleasing gentleman s fashion closet

Both Italian-style double-breasted is a classic single-breasted, or trendy skinny style, was interpreted to them is elegant and charming, ride this fall comes surging wave of suits, we offer super seductive clothing model.

Four gentlemen all suits fans, and there is a distinct personal style,


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HIV Panerai LUMINOR 1950 SEALAND of the day 3 DAYS AUTOMATIC ACCIAIO 3rd power

Italy carving artist to carefully brand new monkey Limited Edition Panerai Watches is also the eighth gold Zodiac watches Panerai presents series.

HIV Panerai LUMINOR 1950 SEALAND of the day 3 DAYS AUTOMATIC ACCIAIO  3rd power reserve 44 mm automatic steel watch

Luminor 1950 Sealand 3 Days Automatic Acciaio 3rd power reserve 44 mm automatic steel watch (PAM00850) new monkey limited edition watches, the ancien…

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EleonoraCarisi deduction Cadenzza jewelry

In recent promotions of jewelry, Cadenzza and model Street style and fashion icon Eleonora Carisi and famous international Street style photographer and blogger, Melanie Galea from The Street fashion Muse site together to promote its jewelry. Super 10 road of transformation from young student


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Scientists say atom is when people stare will stop moving

A few days ago, from the United States by a group of physicists at Cornell University found that when people are staring at the atomic time, it will stop moving. Graduate student Yogesh Patil Srivatsan CHakram was used in a tested and a largely consisting of billions of gas of rubidium atoms. First,…

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Exclusive comment politics for the political fashion

Poverty fashion: "after all, slogans alone let people pay for, that is charity.

Artists have their own political demands can, anyone can. But if only an acre of his three points were painted political slogans are questionable as an artist or designer merchant's motives and abilities.

Here said th…

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Phytoplankton in London fashion week Fashion Show

London, June 18 at 18 o'clock local time, ThinkPad s series floating Zhou Xiangyu Super together famous designers Xander Zhou appeared on London men's week of spring/summer 2014 "ThinkPad s floating Fashion Show"! This is the ThinkPad S3 and S5 in China market, the first overseas appearance!

Phytoplankton in London fashion week Fashion Show


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