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Fashion footless tights worn like a star

The popularity of leggings season, black Pearlescent leather leggings this season seems to be very popular! Many MM have a fashion item, but it seems to wear is not too satisfactory. If you don't go with leggings, then we must learn from the stars! Footless highlighting your current style!

Fashion footless tights worn like a star


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Best summer hair matching Han Hyo Joo perform changing style

Want to play around with short hair not only to work hard on the hair but to also be accomplished in the match, short hair + suspenders, hair + t-shirt, short hair styles + dress. Korea actress Han Hyo Joo a cute short hair play with various modern LOOK is definitely short hair girls to follow.


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Spring wearing a green fashion immediately became the most versatile black and

A winter wear dark colors, girls can finally change, come and put a touch of fresh green spring atmosphere! Do don't worried Asia people of colour does not apply collection wear green, as long as small area of dotted on can up to sucking eye and fashion of role, green printing of bust skirt or retro…

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Xiao Li autumn in Guangzhou and go Pats

Guangzhou autumn has finally arrived


I can put away short sleeves, say goodbye to hot summers Elegant chest with a special symbol required of

Guangzhou's summer is always very long!

This climate

Best suited to go out, such as picnic horse

Xiao Li went out for a walk with her friend Pat

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Stylish table burst three matches this summer so wear to let you turn heads

Without denying that those most common practical method of dressing mix has been imitated was never surpassed. However, fashion is not Newton's laws, is not set in stone. Who said t to the jeans must be "popping", floral Ocean skirts can be flat "license"? Match may not be appearing at random in suc…

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Makeup Mix Hat teaches you the best matching rule

Color more colorful hats, nude makeup is the most appropriate mix of clean, lip can stay or light rose and incorporate a bit more cool hats, might as well consider bronze makeup and lead ash Smokey; if it is a high level of transparency of Candy-colored hat, you can pick a site to do some of the sam…

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Winter suit with shorts mix out perfect body

Even in the cold winter, MM wanted to show perfect body. How to dress that go with it? Best dress up winter suit with shorts to wear, of course, even if the leg doesn't look good girl, wearing leggings, how about the same visual look slimmer perfect. And small series quickly learn winter to go with …

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Fashion week accessories than the outfield stars worth seeing

Tired of watching fashion week show, you can move the perimeter, each Street's got talent always has one can touch your heart, snake bracelet, Bead Bracelet to jade bracelets, drop necklace, as long as enough personality, fashion, trends, there will be one of the show, wanted to open a fashion icon:…

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Color is very good

[Author: neutral skin, 23]

Limited Edition is always more to get people of all ages, lipstick expert Shu's lipstick case and certainly caused a lot of like lipstick kiss of love.

There are two lighter colors, Orange and white, which contain a touch of shimmer, if used alone is a nude lip effect, c…

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