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Hannah Jinkins H M create special series

January 27, 2017
Hannah Jinkins H&M create special series

H&M creative consultant Ann-Sofie Johansson said: "I am looking forward to the Hannah series designed for H&M. She has a unique perspective on women's fashion, to create clothes full of vitality and a sense of real. Christmas style ASOBIO beauty is now

Hannah Jinkins H&M create special series

Hannah style throughout the series. She u…

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RADO Switzerland radar meter Yao issued title table

January 18, 2017

On October 8, 2012, RADO Switzerland radar at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum held a large new product launches, announced its new HyperChrome Yao Hao Star series issued. RADO Switzerland radar global brand spokesperson Andy Murray (Andy Murray) also visited Shanghai and all the guests to…

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Watches from China what China Wind Watch

January 11, 2017

China's long history and rich cultural arts become designers an endless source of inspiration. As China's market becomes more and more important, powerful brand to China have also drawn from thousands of years of culture, from the ancient craft of has been, even getting the inspiration from China's …

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Ultimate traveling companion Breitling world time chronograph

January 5, 2017

Flight watches Breitling professional years has focused on precision timing, debut of the ultimate chronograph world time, carrying brands homemade 04 movement, this movement is completely designed and manufactured by Breitling brand independent, accurate and reliable. In addition, the greatest feat…

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