Au Lai MONCLER GRENOBLE collection effort to render high performance project

Au Lai MONCLER GRENOBLE collection effort to render high-performance project

Au Lai men's MONCLER GRENOBLE 2016-17 autumn/winter Show map

Projects adhere to brand the original intention has always been committed to creating full immersive experience. This is brand values, vision, inner meaning of perfect integration with the core elements of and convey a Union like Moncler clothing unique experimental, research, comfort, practicality and creativity, thus creating a series of high-tech clothing that can be adapted to extreme environments. In addition, the brand also launched numerous special outdoor sports industry leaders hand in hand cooperation items. More noteworthy is that further Moncler ski school-sponsored cooperation project was launched to support and stimulate eternal passion and enthusiasm for sports. Luminary thematic digital documentary featuring the same stunning, alternate interpretation of the passion of outdoor sports and physical education ... Simple and beautiful FIONA CHEN Fiji na Chen fall

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