Candy spring play with black and white classic match

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Always find a four leaf clover is a symbol of good luck

When the four-leaf clover into a five-leaf clover lucky doubled the matter?

In this early spring still no sign of

Don't want to put too heavy to wear too thin

Chose this beautiful five-leaf clover fishtail dress

Although this is a dress but really to compare coat

The wool fabric is really thick and warm

Purposely ripped some hair down for combustion

Quick lump light pinches decomposes into fine powder

And petals, very solid wool can clearly see the white lines

Black bow hat that adds a sense of fashion and add to the high level

Fish tail skirt very feminine and then with the high black boots elongate legs-more

This ingredient and fluffy sweater wool feels very soft

Feels soft and smooth sliding and double knitted warm

Black and white Kuril matching black leather skirt lovely and tender

Think most American girl wardrobe without a stripe shirt

It matched everything makes a lot of people begging for more money I have a unique load x position I hear you sex

Sweet Japanese ride: striped shirt + shorts + pink bow heels

Intellectual temperament took: striped shirts hip skirt + bowknot + red high heels

Casual and comfortable ride: striped shirt + Tutu + Royal Blue high heels

Sweet ride: the long striped shirt + bow + rabbit fur vest in high heels

Smart set: long striped shirt + leather + sunglasses + Royal Blue high heels

Various style stripes mix which one do you prefer?


Matching spring candy classic play in black and white striped shirt stripe high heel

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