Chengdu parkson Omega flagship store opening ceremony

[January 28, 2010, Chengdu] leading to the Chinese market of Switzerland's top watch brands Omega continued to expand the flagship store layout, located in Chengdu parkson Omega flagship store in times square was officially opened today. Sales Director Omega China Zhang Liqing, Times Square, parkson store manager Pang Hao, Omega celebrity Ambassador for new stores, and with Mr Simon Yam "stars a watchmaker" campaign opening.

Simon Yam visited times square of Chengdu parkson Omega flagship store

Sales Director Omega China Zhang Liqing and parkson store in times square accompanied by long, Pang Hao Omega celebrity Ambassador, Simon Yam, first visited Times Square, zongfu road Chengdu parkson Omega flagship stores.

Sales Director Omega China Chengdu parkson, Mr Zhang Liqing Omega flagship store opening ceremony, said: "the Omega has been working to expand its store network in China, we hope that the times square of Chengdu parkson will be Omega enthusiasts and collectors watches art of appreciating another excellent quarter. We believe that in the coming days, Omega will continue rapid growth in the Chinese market, and keep the leading position in the industry.

Omega Omega flagship store in times square of Chengdu parkson adhering to global store design ideas and decorating style, store display neat, light soft comfortable consumption environment quiet and comfortable. Beautiful one, as in the Palace of top watchmaking, in simple full Omega across-century glory watchmaking achievements. Four series of Omega classic watches blooms are unable to resist the bright light: whether elegant constellation or the elegance and sporty into a Seamaster, or low-key introspective disc fly series, and accompanied United States astronaut to travel in space, after the ultimate challenge of super series. Omega watches a respect for tradition, pioneering spirit brand, establishing industry standards for the 21st century definition of future new mechanical watchmaking, is continuing the pilot forward.

"Stars of the watchmakers" campaign-celebrity ambassadors celebrate Omega co-axial escapement glory decade

Meanwhile, Omega for its celebration in times square the gate of Chengdu parkson "co-axial escapement" 10-year anniversary of the birth of the "stars of the watchmakers" campaign held a grand opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Art Gallery shows the "Star watchmaker" image of all the advertising campaigns. This ad by including George Clooney, Michael Phelps, Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, Zhang Ziyi and Garcia all Omega Ambassador celebrity portrait of the heavyweight members of deduction, they wear in the Ads tab teachers college with magnifying glasses, to the memory of Omega's revolutionary co-axial escapement movement launch anniversary.

Omega "stars a watchmaker" campaign of ideas inspired by Omega's award-winning advertising work "recruitment of watchmakers" (Watchmaker Wanted)-the famous fashion photographer geleigeweilianmusi (Greg Williams) lens, George Clooney wearing a watchmaker jacket and wearing glasses for watchmaking college.

Each advertising topics advertising words not only the Hall of ambassadors in their professional achievements, and very fit to show the precise connotations of the Omega co-axial calibre, while Omega ahead consistently expressed most vividly in many areas.

Omega co-axial calibre adhering to the spirit of the pioneer, defining tab stops in the future

In 1999, knock down Omega co-axial escapement calibre 2500, has attracted the attention of the mechanical watchmaking industry as a whole. Wristwatch movement Omega co-axial escapement devices in the application is the first 250 years of great performance of new type of escapement.

The keyword here is "great performances": in the Omega co-axial calibre in the first paragraph after the ten years, this Omega watch escapement enjoys a special status in the field successfully applied to every watch line. Soon after, Omega produced each completely new mechanical watches are equipped with this technology.

In simple terms, escapement is the heart of mechanical watches, it makes the watch regulating device sustainable swing of the balance wheel. As a qiaozhidannier vision of the Omega co-axial escapement device reduces energy transfer to other components of friction between the components, basically eliminating the movement needs for maintenance and, most importantly, to ensure that the watch very high accuracy to maintain long-term stability. Marriage of top watches also create unprecedented

In 2007, the Grand launch of the Omega 8500 with co-axial escapement movement, called the Omega co-axial escapement technology a key step on the road. Omega is designed around a coaxial escapement devices for the first time the entire movement, as well as 202 each of the components is a new movement by Omega design and production. 8500 coaxial movement marks the birth of Omega returned to design and produce a unique movement of Switzerland watch manufacturer list.

In 2008, Omega launched specifically designed for small watch 8520/8521 with axial movement, as well as unlocking calendar features of 8601/8611 co-axial movement.

1999 Omega co-axial movement was born in the first paragraph as the symbol of the revolution in mechanical watchmaking for the Omega brand new definition of the spirit. Omega determined will in the near future for each of its mechanical watches are equipped with this advanced technology, the glory lasted for 161 years of watchmaking tradition of excellence.

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