Color play comfortably for a week in the summer mix

In not too much in the summer, any colors can be bold on your clothes, just mix a variety of Style within a week, from Monday to Friday, every day can be matched with a new self.

Color play comfortably for a week in the summer mix

Every woman wants to have a colorful wardrobe, clothes are not only complete models, colors are rich. Because of the beauty of girls want to every day is bright without being repetitive, tedious. Particularly in the summer can fully display figure charm, this beauty even more urgent and expanding. To learn about an article about summer color scheme a week, different colors, for you are their different charms!


A week has just begun, the mood is still good today choose to represent a woman's romantic blue and red. Blue and white striped cardigan sweater with a red strapless dress, full of grace!

Marc Jacobs reversible striped rabbit coat, $ 2900;

Vika Vika Gazinskaya strapless a-line skirt $ 3050.


Beauty of today's dynamic and promising to wear yellow. Yellow is a color similar to the Sun, she conveys an open, informed, and promising, mobilizing people's enthusiasm to bring joy. Fluorescent yellow color sleeveless tops and Red Skull handbag, is to play with color.

Alexander McQueen feathers and Red punk skulls handbag, $ 2695;

Betina stripe color coat, $ 325.

Week three

White is the color of the original, is pure color, exudes a clean, quiet, peaceful and stable atmosphere. OL white shirt for the Office, give people stable yet romantic feel, and can increase the confidence index.

Rosie Assoulin cotton shirt, $ 745;

Tom Binns necklace color paint, $ 1150;

Fendi sandals, $ 925. Socialite who takes fashion week street fire

Week four

Wearing a cute cute vintage dress suits go to Party down red and blue geometry adds to the mysterious atmosphere. And then with a fluorescent green clutch bag, Queen here tonight! Oh, by the way, don't forget to go home to add a thin coat.

Stella Jean geometry evening dress, $ 735;

3.1 Phillip Lim bag, $ 425;

Each x Other striped wool coat, $ 905;

Zoe Chicco 14K gold triangle pendant necklace, $ 910.


Today you can get ready for the holidays. How hot summer weekend? Water is going to the beach, of course, fun water world is a good place. Bikinis, hats of course.

Match dollar color play summer color with white shirt color

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