EleonoraCarisi deduction Cadenzza jewelry

January 16, 2016

In recent promotions of jewelry, Cadenzza and model Street style and fashion icon Eleonora Carisi and famous international Street style photographer and blogger, Melanie Galea from The Street fashion Muse site together to promote its jewelry. Super 10 road of transformation from young student

Photos in Italy filming finished fashion shows Milan street Cadenzza accessories different styling, no doubt, this is a perfect partnership, from which it can peer into the daily lives of the hottest fashion blogger. Eleonora bold style and eclectic tastes of its classic styling and new blend, which is one of the reasons she was asked to perform her jewelry.

Eleonora appeared on many top designers and publicity activities, cooperation before including Moschino, Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo, the designer, in the last fashion week in New York, she is the only one selected endorsement United States Edition of Glamour magazine blogger. Meanwhile, as Italy Turin, Grazia magazine writer and "You You" concept shop owner, referring to Cadenzza, said the IT girl, "Cadenzza depending on the designer provides a rich variety of options, you can mix and match different styles to be grouped together, to create a distinctive style.

EleonoraCarisi deduction Cadenzza jewelry

Pale pink gown and Mawi London and Vita Fede jewelry tries to match, she looks so elegant, and with a touch of rock and roll flavor. "Cadenzza of my favorite jewelry pieces is Mawi London necklace.

EleonoraCarisi deduction Cadenzza jewelry

In another photo, she was last seen wearing a purple shirt and camouflage skirt, matching including Miquella Atomic necklaces, Erickson Beamon So Special rings and multiple Swarovski Crystallized show feminine style accessories such as bracelets.

EleonoraCarisi deduction Cadenzza jewelry

A white dress, with a h e l ne Zubeldia, Hely Designs Feather bracelet design Roselynette and Philippe Audibert bangles and other classic accessories. For this look, her "business casual fan, his favorite place to enjoy a cocktail is the most pleasant time, but white is the latest fashion trends, usually I like to match the silver jewelry.

EleonoraCarisi deduction Cadenzza jewelry

Black dress, accompanied by Philippe Ferrandis Maharadjah series single and Martine Wester design Ivy bracelet, she looked so beautiful, elegant and fashionable.

EleonoraCarisi deduction Cadenzza jewelry

Blue suits match Twisted Glamour bracelet and Swarovski Crystallized Fancy ring, Caleidosc PIO Alecrim necklaces and bracelets, and Melissa the Duchess Kandyoti Jewels bracelets. Eleonora says "blue is my favorite color, I like all kinds of precious stones, exquisite bangles and silver rings to mix together.

The next, she was wearing a color print skirt, with a Spike of Anton Heunis Opulent necklace, Tom Shot of Titanic bracelets and long necklaces and Balu Joi s Wrappers Sapphire bracelet. "I dare to try a variety of patterns and fabrics, and gold will make everything look so elegant.

20 photos, Eleonora demonstrated Cadenzza jewelry can be in a variety of different ways everyday, no matter what kind of style, Cadenzza jewelry will make every occasion special. "I'd really like to make accessories become the shape of crowning.

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