Exclusive comment politics for the political fashion

Poverty fashion: "after all, slogans alone let people pay for, that is charity.

Artists have their own political demands can, anyone can. But if only an acre of his three points were painted political slogans are questionable as an artist or designer merchant's motives and abilities.

Here said the two, one is recent concern because of the omnipresent political posters of Benetton's new Creative Director, You Nguyen, another is our esteemed West Empress Dowager Vivienne Westwood. Half a century working with Valentino

Exclusive comment: politics for the political fashion

Benetton's recent flirt with posters of leaders

Benetton said, more dead than alive for many years, 10 percent of the stores in major shopping malls in the capital clearance lasted for more than a year. Design Director after taking office again played the political card. bridging the racial conflicts and the Elimination of racial discrimination is the Benetton from 80 years of color used by the United Nations project began counting. Since then, Oliviero Toscani it gradually because the topic poster spicy received media attention, including colored condoms, priest and nun kissing poster faces strong opposition because of the offensive to religious people. United Kingdom Yu Italy made it to the appropriate address and punishment.

You Nguyen have powerful backing, Viet Nam immigration, France to study, United States became famous. Since 2003 work for Levi Strauss and Co until last year served as Senior Vice President of Levi's, is responsible for the women's merchandising and design. Business background who was Benetton meant to find fire, improvements sale of strong medicine. This time teasing topic full of political leaders, but no great new listing, good products to make consumers pay for it.

Exclusive comment: politics for the political fashion

Benetton, Alessandro Benetton, Executive Vice-President and new Chief Product Officer and Creative Director, You Nguyen

Punk godmother, Empress Dowager, as left-wing pioneer, Vivienne Westwood clothes Slogan do articles on all the year round, especially her slogan Tshirt, poster or body as a small poster, Tshirt shows that their views and positions in fashion who delights in things. This time not related to beauty and ugliness, attitude is everything. Too late last time we remember, all because singer Katy Perry to attend the American Music Awards, wearing a handwritten Chinese Simplified "green economy" four characters of dress on the red carpet. TI Taiwan businessmen, even mad woman of different shapes, Katy's dress still has the destructive power of destruction. Of course if you look at on the comedy, this colorful dress her hair was very successful and correct, but has nothing to do with us. Nicki Minaj has consistently funny this time wearing the dress, with the help of Oscar de la Renta, Nicki is not only serious, but pink hair with the Green skirt is very vivid and moving.

Exclusive comment: politics for the political fashion

Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry at American Music Awards, Vivienne Westwood2012 spring/summer show

After all, slogans alone let people pay for, that is charity.

Creative Director of the Benetton fashion exclusive poster for Empress Dowager westwoodviviennekaty

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