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Every citizen should know that speeding, passenger to driver himself, and even may result in serious harm to the public. Even so, there are still many drivers deliberately speeding while driving because of various reasons, but some drivers were speeding, but they do not know they have the speed limit. In view while driving in the city, using the cruise control is not always practical, Ford launched the Intelligent technology of Speed Limiter. This technology will be the first appeared in Ford's latest s-max models.

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When using this technique, the driver, you first need to activate the system and manually enter the desired maximum speed when driving. If the system detects drive faster than the speed you set before, it will start the appropriate mechanism for speed limits, the system will restrict fuel flow electronically to speed back down, this means more than simply applying braking will be safer.

If, in exceptional cases, the driver really needs temporary access to a faster speed, for example when overtook another car on a highway, Intelligent Speed Limiter by simply press the pedal to lift restrictions on the way.

Set speed limits except in accordance with the user manual, the technology also can monitor the road speed limit signs. Usually drive down all the way, road speed limits will appear several times to change, so the system is also installed on the windscreen camera, cameras are used to monitor road traffic sign recognition system mark. When a speed limit signs are found and identified, the car's speed limits will be adjusted up or down accordingly. Vans iPhone 6 plus

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