Huawei CMO Zhang Xiaoyun P9 convey an attitude to beauty

London first's stunning debut, Huawei P9 on April 15 in Shanghai Grand stage of Mordor and meet domestic consumers. This design combined with Leica's new flagship Smartphone not only attracted over more than 5,000 members across the country, even the "Superman" actor, Hollywood film star Henry cavill also dressed P9 to Huawei spokesperson. Most beautiful phone ever counting who the highest

Huawei P9 has a strong identity in design, very good interpretation of the Huawei for new understanding of the concept of fashion; and Leica became a strategic partner, it is Huawei's p-series good camera to rise to new heights, I believe its photographic effect will continuing Leica camera field Centennial legend.

Huawei's consumer business CMO Ms Zhang Xiaoyun

Huawei's consumer business CMO Zhang Xiaoyun said: "regardless of fashion or technology or service to people in the end. "-Believe Huawei P9 is the birthplace of the best interpretation of this passage. After the press conference, YOKA men's privilege to dialogue Ms Zhang Xiaoyun, American experience, the young fashion crowd's attention, and the exploration of mobile phone photography, she talked about her experience:

Advanced technology fusion fashion appearance P9 natural

Q: from Huawei P7, the "beauty" is a frequently occurring key words. Your team is in the process of reflecting on how to dig consumers, especially women's psychological needs? Your personal current focus on fashion trends, and these trends what trends do you think Huawei leads on, was a breakthrough for Smartphone?

Zhang Xiaoyun: first of all, the answer to the first question, P9, we did do a lot of homework. Today for everyone to see is more than an hour, but there are a lot of Kung Fu, in fact, not only is beautiful or good-looking, but more artistic, more meaningful. Taking pictures so we do from a marketing perspective a lot of deep-seated cultural exploration. For example, we did a very interesting trend exploration, which are of cultural change. After many girls like camera, but for now, friends have few silly white self portraits, but in their own unique charm. It is also our hope that the P9 can convey an attitude to the United States: not a follower, but something to really take control of their own, to create a new style. As far as the technology and fashion, I feel deeply in recent years because I happened to be in this area that are some of the many different cross-border brand, or industry. Feel that science and technology has really become a part of public life. To sum up, is that technology is not a subculture, it is already a mainstream culture. In today's daily life we would ask: "Hey, what mobile phone do you use? What fun things there? Is there any APP to share? "-Has become a conversation piece, this is great. Based on this, we also see a lot of opportunities for cross-border cooperation, including on the level of future wear and accessories, I believe might be more intelligent. Or is that sentence: the science and technology to serve people. So we are kind of insight into some new powers, changes in people's life is like.

Q: do you use P9 most often used to and favorite features is what?

Zhang Xiaoyun: it's an absolute picture. I really like taking pictures, remember on the London taxi, I use gray and dark gray color shot in London street, sent to friends gain a lot of amazing evaluation, ask how so much. I've used a lot of cell phones, color, sharpness ... ... It's hard to really take out the charm of the thing. So suggested to try black and white pattern, the feeling was very great, special to catch hearts, endures.

Q: look at Huawei P9 above have their own favorite, particularly fashion. From a pure design perspective, it's cell phones than any other excellent places?

Zhang Xiaoyun: design, personally prefer a bold kind of brushed metal, you will find the metal lines very clearly, because the process is very complicated. I prefer to express themselves in a way that is more different, today asked the Leica's CEO, he is more like the white ceramic (cell phones), especially bright, transparent. P-series design philosophy has not changed, our philosophy is the same. Pure,pure language, is very pure, no extra stuff, it seems natural. P9 and we do a lot of attempts, for example with the drawing process, with different grinding materials, possibly this is we try, we can take a look at the ceramic white, gray and Amber's bold brushed metal, are very able to express different aesthetics.

Q: now that p-series to focus on the camera, will bring some light PS function? Now a lot of the media needs to be very timely picture of yourself to do some simple processing, such as adding text, puzzle cutting, or adjust the color channel.

Zhang Xiaoyun: comes with a filter that, because too many of our Internet software, it's easy to get these. Imaging really want to grab this thing hard, Huawei is more difficult to do this part. You have a beautiful figure, 360, this level you should have a better idea.

Q: Huawei P9 the face value is very high, above the design inspiration? Found phone double camera operators gradually become mainstream, Huawei P9 dual camera effects what are the differences and advantages?

Zhang Xiaoyun: dual camera many years ago, but at that time was stacking up and down. Huawei once again of why did he dare to say mobile phone photography breakthrough? Is we using of principle not as, we is parallel double photo as head, and is a black and white a a color, and I just told of as, principle is can caught better of details and depth, caught better of color of restore, you will found this two overlay in with of effect very perfect, market Shang has never ever, this is world Shang of first, we also for and special of pride. You'll find similar to human eyes, different cameras capture the depth of field. Today more than total in above demonstrates many things, everyone can himself play about, including girls compared easy understand of scene, put a people focus, behind of people all paste off, you with boudoir honey are in sing k, will found on put himself focused out, behind of people paste off, also can put they for back, put this people focused, put that personal paste off, this is special interesting of things, is double photo as head brings of, because it has records you many information, is nothing more than is through algorithm, again help you restore, behind has many special interesting of things. Have we thought about some of advertising's creative, girlfriends one day, the day of graduation, graduate, you will find that seems to have female students, how to stand next to her boyfriend, they burned him, are interesting things, you can give it a try.

Q: Huawei in France have global design and Research Institute, there are a lot of well-known designers. These designers participate all of us cell phone design include branding elements rendering it?

Zhang Xiaoyun: they participated in the P9 parts design, because we pretty much, impossible to give them every detail, P9 on the material they give a lot of suggestions, but the development is to go to the product of the project above.

Huawei has another face, focus on the younger market

Q: a lot of businesses are paying attention after the, including a while ago luhan effect. Huawei is there during the after the younger market, there are new plans?

Zhang Xiaoyun: Huawei has two brands is Huawei, another is an honor. Glory for the younger groups may do more in Internet. And regardless of which these brands will pay more attention to young people. Because there are different stalls and segregation, but it's not the same style, Huawei's young people should be more international glory has its own unique style. Young people have a wave elements that are very important to us, and our two brands in publicity or influence young people, according to different young people may differ slightly.

Q: you mentioned that Huawei's p-series high-end brand, is in the United States on the basis of culture, art, photo art in particular. Then, taking into account its consumers belong to fashion, art or high profile people in business, brand will use the tonal change their lifestyle?

Zhang Xiaoyun: many of you are from lifestyle media, I think seeing it, followed by the show will see a lot of ads, including its visual image will never be the same again. Our brand slogan "make it possible", in Chinese called "practice", originally with big red, now becomes a more slender, black-these new images, is another of our brands want to communicate style, more confident, more restrained, more international. You may feel a little more, but I think the brand of it, not that I say it is a how to on how must be the consumer can feel from the heart brand of charm, feel the same images and elements, in this way, brand interactive would be more effective.

Q: at the market level, as the iPhone is the most recognized young people and business people a phone, almost 70%~80% people are using iPhone's cell phone, P9 to penetrate all of you have very specific class like this?

Zhang Xiaoyun: I want to clarify one point, iPhone is good, but I want to tell you three data: in the Chinese market, Huawei mobile phone with three first beyond Apple, the first market share, reputation first, with Huawei mobile phones will be used again, as well as the first brand awareness. The three first are all third-party data.

China's elite, especially the private sector, Government, much like Mate series phones, including Yu Liang, Wang is Huawei Mate series users. Mate series has been relatively steady, and we are pleased to see Mate8 sales exceeded expectations, and by the proportion of business people, their income, level of education, including their social impact, shopping on line, we see is very high-end users who persist in using Mate series. We hope the p series can become another face of Huawei, more aimed at young people, because they are fashion, new trends, interest in the design. If compared to the iPhone, I choose Huawei's p series for young people, should have their own ideas, know what they want, their aesthetic appeal, this is not the same place.

Leica pursuit of the ultimate mobile phone photography experience

Q: will opportunity of Huawei's cooperation is due to how He Laika?

Zhang Xiaoyun: Leica cooperation is particularly interesting. We've been thinking of what the next generation of p? And has been very troubled. DNA of the p-series is the need for better design, better pictures, but have done the P8, what its next step would be? We naturally thought of the Leica. Meanwhile, the Leica brand belonging to the very traditional and very high-end, but it also faces challenges: high-end, brand name with a long history: How can attract young people? Especially now, many young people living on a cell phone would solve the problem. Leica also may feel that smart phone is relatively easy to break through entrance. Reached a tacit understanding on both sides, including Oliver, including the founders, including in London, staying with us throughout the process, very professional, very into it. Both teams together to find a spark, also found something complementary to each other, this is great!

Q:P9 all Leica lens is Germany import? Because a lot of this brand of cross-border cooperation may be OEM. Our follow-up series of Leica lens will continue on your cell phone?

Zhang Xiaoyun: on this point of clarification: we're not buying a Leica lens, is not the case. Because the image is a pretty complex thing, not just hardware and software algorithms, you know what was the breakthrough? It is the two cameras, one in black and white, color, black and white can give you better details, depth of feeling really good, color will give you a very good color reproduction. Do not know if you ever play the secret garden? Just like colouring game you will see how great detail and color to blend. This behind has many of algorithm, if not learn technology of will compared difficult understanding, but we let a video, told into as of principle, two a lens how to measuring this focal length, last how to overlay, you see of is a Zhang photos, behind is is has many of photos to filter, again through algorithm to calculation--this on we both cooperation is once is big of challenge. I think that lens production this thing in the industry as a whole is not so important. Instead, Leica's very high standards for its certification, all certified Leica is the equivalent of Centennial header, must ensure that the rules are of uniform quality, certified part is not just the camera, and behind the design and development. So this time Leica cooperation, and we are using a "design", behind this, there really is a lot less work.

Another on today to see two CEO and Founder of the bridge. In London we do film, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon the next day to leave the Conference, at 4 o'clock of the evening, they are still changing. See their adherence to detail the special, I thought, this is where they work with Huawei can find common ground, so part of the lens we don't worry at all.

Hollywood charm Lady endorsements create internationalized brands

Q: Huawei to two international-level endorsement of gods and goddesses do, what chance co-operation? Their image with Huawei to pass intermediate connection point is what? Huawei launches and the London Conference have brought us very cool blow, then in terms of advertising and we will be able to see some of the more innovative, and what surprises bring us?

Zhang Xiaoyun: co-operation with Scarlett and Henry, we also felt very happy, Henry was English, pay more attention to your heart, he went on to speak really cautious, really want to try your product. He is a geek, is sensitive to technology, particularly fond of these things, including the last time he went to Huawei's Shanghai Institute, sometimes tell us how network behind the network, and how connections between Internet users, how to build digital television, he listened. Scarlett is born like taking photos, very open, a lot, when we touch, you already feel the two to keep our brand is very well connected. The point is, Huawei is full of their own favorite, and not like some of the endorsements, both sides are not so fit. They hope to explore more of Huawei, Huawei's headquarters in Shenzhen after they became very fond of Huawei--was the place where Huawei's charm, because we never disguised anything, Huawei would welcome the opportunity to visit, understand Huawei Technologies, a more real, after all our foreign friends to found the company is very sincere.

What will happen in the future? Many in the future (innovation), that's for sure. I would like to have a brand needs more energy when displayed. Of course, our great challenge now, as has been done in such a hierarchy, Henry few walked the red carpet in Hollywood, Oliver also participated in many of the activities of some stars, but still feel shocked about our activities. Including the entire vision, including all works of video, all out of sight, they were surprised. Our challenge for the future will be relatively large, I hope you will give me some ideas.

Huawei mobile phone brand designed Leica series young people taking pictures is not the same

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