Interpretation of the four delicious dessert

Interpretation of the four delicious dessert

Interpretation of the four delicious dessert

A lot of people eat desserts when, in order to meet the prevailing mood. In fact, we can proceed from their mood and feeling, and dessert ideas into production, realization of both the material and spiritual enjoyment.

Salty fresh fruit sago in and out of charm

Our personalities, from inner cultivation, also can't live without external design, both. Add 50 grams of sugar 75 g green beans steamed, into cool break machine filtered intakes in the sand, just like our own personality based in internal cultivation training, does not allow any slack, because it concerns the texture of this dessert.

Inner base, we need some external attraction in this dessert, we can put 25 g of Thailand sago submerged for 30 minutes, then diluted with 25 grams of fresh milk and 10 grams pure water after water-milk mixture to cooked cold, plus 10 grams of fresh seasonal fruit, grouped together with good salty. Light bean, sago flexibility of creamy milk, dessert of an interpretation of life philosophy in our hands was born.

Interpretation of the four delicious dessert

GUI Hua ling turtle pumpkin seize the moment both bitter and sweet

A lot of things in life, like GUI Ling Gao, knowing that good, but we don't bother to put off a little bitter. Smart people running faster on the winding road, life is full of confidence in people, can also be free treats that life cannot escape the pain.

We can provide GUI Ling Gao 20 grams of bitter, accompanied by small angle into steam cooled pumpkin 75 g, distract our attention. Jackson said the joy of life is to grasp now, so might as well play into this season of osmanthus 20 g of fresh, and honey on the deposition of the good old memories sweet 50 grams, beat cream on top.

Look around what is happening better, recall ever experiencing the beauty, strands of slightly bitter in life will only have our hands sweet, bring a happier life.

Interpretation of the four delicious dessert

Sticky rice with papaya-fun-to subvert the conventional

We are sometimes a bit monotonous, because we used to used to the habit, and occasionally subversive about general knowledge, we will find there are so many didn't even notice before fun. Fall sports or clean off the sensation

75 grams of glutinous rice, we yiqian only thought can made staple, if added 100 grams of papaya do transfers, put these glutinous rice and 50 grams papaya playing into of juice mixed, again plus 15 grams of sugar steam cooked, eat of when in surface cover Shang addition 50 grams prior with sugar pickled good of papaya d, plain of a paragraph staple, turned on into has a copies dessert.

If you've recently been feeling dull, so go look for papayas in your life, it could be when you go out in the morning to family told, could also be in the anniversary give her a surprise, what exactly, depends on your heart to find out. Don't just pay attention to papaya juice with water, because the joy of living are not mixed with water, only began to look, it can be found.

Glutinous rice dumpling-the yoghurt is cautious in giving up returns

At any time, and we should not give up. When tidying up the home you may find forgotten some green tea, although you have to face, lose the lingering to admire its interpretation of present and future generations ago with water, and bring regret, say the word but do not give up easily.

You can use high-speed grinder put them carefully into powder, then with glutinous rice flour with a good proportion of 1:10, made of glutinous rice dumpling, cooked, frozen with ice cold flexibility, put it in a cup of yogurt to make a snack.

The same action, also suitable for cocoa powder close to the shelf-life is not finished. When you put yourself on the sofa, when you enjoy the flavor of this dessert, you will have realized, only accidentally lose the chance in this world, no irreversible happiness, he did not give up, how wise it is.

Dessert interpretation mix delicious papaya rice gave up green beans

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