IPin Ruler dust makes iPhone seconds laser range finder

Now available in the market, there are many micro Intelligent remote control, it is only dust size, users can simply plug it into the phone Mini-Jack and match the corresponding remote control app, you can turn mobile phone into a universal remote. Recent well-known Indiegogo iPin Ruler appeared on the raised platform is a similar cell phone accessories, it can make your iPhone into a laser rangefinder. Starbucks iPhone 6 Plus Case

Starbucks iPhone 6 Plus Case

IPin Ruler dust makes iPhone seconds laser range finder

Ordinary laser ruler only to measurement of laser transmitter and mark the distance between, for example, measure the width of the living room. IPin Ruler in addition to measure linear distance, but also measuring the width of the object, such as size of the living room wall murals. When in use, iPin Ruler app called iPhone camera, users only need to shoot the picture and click on the object to be measured and measurements will be completed. If necessary, the data can also be stored, the next time you view. In terms of accuracy, iPin Ruler of error within 3%. The results for the measurement needs of the family, and is within the acceptable range.

IPin Ruler dust makes iPhone seconds laser range finder

However iPin Ruler supports only iPhone5 phone system requirement is version ios8 and above. Android users and Japanese, Korean version of iPhone users will not work properly with iPin Ruler. Team says it is actively improving software and hardware compatibility problems, we look forward to the iPin Ruler of second-generation version can support more mobile devices. Starbucks iPhone 6 Plus Case

Have to say, this is a very creative smart device, which greatly simplifies the traditional measurement methods. IPin Ruler now raise the price for $ 36, $ 59 40% cheaper than the retail price. It is worth mentioning that, has now raised over 13 days, the production team would harvest more than raise target ($25,000) 4 times times the funding enough to represent their favorite.

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