Listing new BMW 3 series hardtop convertible spy photos exposed

According to reports, the next-generation 3-series Coupe and Convertible models will share the same platform with the chassis structure, and estimates in the power system will match with the F30 sedan cars similar, containing 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder turbocharged petrol and turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel engine.

A few days ago, a lucky Spy photographers captured BMW original tester for Carscoop site opened in the parking lot of the new 3-series (may also apply mutatis mutandis to a new two-door car was renamed the 4-series) convertible top picture. Cash and 3 Series Convertible electric Coupe design similar to driving only press one button, three electric scrunched hardtop design can be scrunched in the rear flat.

New BMW 3 series hardtop convertible spy photos

"Further reading" Beijing auto show debut made a new BMW 3-series extended edition

Yu last year end of official debut of F30 generation BMW 3 Department, called is BMW its most important of a products family Department, and to to chased Shang Audi in China senior car market of leading status, BMW and brilliance BMW of strategy cooperation also will is important key of a ring, and to further strengthened BMW in China production car paragraph of products competitiveness, new generation localization 3 series is expected to also will Yu 2012 Beijing auto show in the debut.

All new-made BMW 3-series long wheelbase version

All new-made BMW 3-series long wheelbase version

And with 2012 Beijing auto show of unveiled gradually coming, recently brilliance BMW also beat announced has China in to production of, and code F35 of new 3 Department long axis version related factory as, in wheelbase aspects more standard version 3 Department increased 110mm, and reached 2920mm of level, captains also joint by 4624mm increased to 4734mm, car wide and car high is for 1811x1455mm of size; although standard version 3 Department and Department out homologous, But the new 3-series long version is still in the front lower air intake modelling part of the shaft to make slight modification, elongated and lengthened wheelbase also jointly and severally liable to the back door, and part of the c column frames chrome plated trims also make style changes, seemed slim as a whole and does not drag, showing a man's luxury car momentum.

Listing new BMW 3-series hardtop convertible spy photos exposed Looks basically followed the foreign version

Looks basically followed the foreign version

As in equipped with grade aspects, new 3 Department long axis version also is divided into Sport Line movement version, and Modern Line fashion version and Luxury Line luxury version three paragraph the with features of grade, car room space aspects in Hou seat leg space more standard version increased has 90mm, while also will can adjustable before and after/angle of Hou seat electric adjustment function, and Hou seat reading lamp, and makeup mirror, and ashtray, and Windows shade curtain and the electric Hou document shade curtain included equipped with listing among, Not only has a more comfortable, luxurious ride feel, also because Chinese buyers demands.

New China-made BMW 3 series Interior

New China-made BMW 3 series Interior

In addition, the long axis of the new 3 series in terms of power or import for the first time with a N55 3.0L TwinPower Turbo six pair of 335Li Eddy current turbocharged engine, with 306 maximum horsepower and peak torque of 400 nm, matching the eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, be completed in 5.5 seconds 0-100 kph speed, in EfficientDynamics technologies include brake kinetic energy recovery, Stop-start engine preheating technology of automatic opening and closing systems, engines, transmissions help, average fuel consumption of about 7.2L; also wear it with Eddy N20 d TwinPower Turbo turbo engine 320Li and 328Li both models, maximum power is 184/270 nm and 245 HP/350 nm, the same combination eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission. Meow Meow language the sea I m coming Nike

Listing new BMW 3-series hardtop convertible spy photos exposed

New China-made BMW 3 series interior details

The F35 long axis of the new 3-series BMW production version is expected to premiere in 2012, Beijing auto show, and located in Changchun, newly-completed tiexi factory for production, and was the third quarter of this year after officially listed.

Listed domestic exposure of Beijing auto show BMW BMW Turbo wheel base

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