Meet amazing Tiffany magic out of a 179 underwater world

Recently, pedicle Fu Nepal to "magic variable of rhyme" for theme of 2016 Blue Book senior jewelry series in Beijing Phoenix Center Grand released, near 200 pieces beautiful of senior jewelry show has near 180 years extraordinary magic variable of beauty, night also invited has brand many friends as Sun Yat-, and Liu, and Ethan, and Li Zhiting, and Jiang Wenli and so on performing arts territories and fashion circle big Lady gathered celebrity dinner, with they of Yan value and talent propped up has each pieces jewelry of value.

Tiffany's magic to conjure a 179 years of underwater world

Tiffany 2016 "changing rhyme" theme high jewelry dinner

Pedicle Fu Nepal the to "magic variable of rhyme" for theme of 2016Blue Book senior jewelry series, except to we show has near 200 pieces beautiful of top works outside, night of senior jewelry celebrity dinner also invited has Sun Yat-, and Liu, and Ethan, and Li Zhiting, and Jiang Wenli, more bit brand friend help, they are wearing has pedicle Fu Nepal jewelry and wrist table works, makes jewelry of glory more shine charming.

Sylvia Chang

Sylvia Chang wore Tiffany Platinum and 18K gold inlay yellow diamond and white diamond Daisy earrings, fine diamond petals wrapped fancy intense yellow diamond, and Tiffany Cocktail18k white gold with diamonds on the wrist watch and advanced jewelry yellow diamond and white diamond bracelet and 5.91-Carat fancy vivid yellow diamond ring, show bright natural light.

Wen Liu

Liu wore Tiffany 18K White Gold Diamond watches and Platinum inlaid round, Emerald, oval, pear shape and Marquise shape, square and triangular cut diamond earrings, sophisticated and ingenious series like a waterfall, full bright light refraction, with senior jewelry series mixed-cut diamond ring and diamond necklace the waterfall.

Ethan Ruan

Ethan to wear Tiffany 18K copper-gold mosaic shafulaishi, Dravite, manganese aluminium Garnet, Pink Sapphire and yellow diamond salamander brooch CT60 t-series watches and 18K rose gold bracelet and square ring.

Li Zhiting

Li Zhiting wear rangshilongbojie designs "stone bird" brooch, Tiffany CT60 t-series watches and bracelets.

Wenli Jiang

Jiang wearing Tiffany Cocktail 18K Rose Gold Diamond watches and Platinum set diamond and Moonstone drop earrings.

Yaoqing Wang

Wang Yaoqing wearing Tiffany antique collector's library of inspiration diamond Dragonfly brooch, t 18K white gold bracelet and square ring, and CT60 watches.

Chen luyu

Chen luyu wearing Tiffany Keys series Butterfly shape diamond key pendant series diamond rings and fine jewelry.

Qi Xi

Qi Xi wearing Tiffany Platinum inlay Strip-shaped pink tourmaline and diamond drop earrings and two bracelets, the design style of the gradient, highlight smart elegance.

Yao Zhang

Yao Zhang wearing Tiffany Butterfly shape brooch and diamonds in Platinum and Pearl tassel drop earrings.

Tiffany's Chief gemologist YOKA dialogue meierwenketeli (Melvyn Kirtley)

At brand Festival held the day before, we also see Tiffany's Chief gemologist, meierwenketeli, chatting with him in 2016 Blue Book high jewellery collection that deserve our appreciation and revealing anecdotes. Melvin worked at Tiffany for 31 years, for guests as well as Tiffany's global teaching and learning, marketing plans, product development and gemstone Gemological expertise and procurement team provide guidance, dialogue with such a knowledgeable heavyweight, we do well.

In 1845, the first Blue Book list of selected published

YOKA: gemologists posts sounds very attractive, can we talk about your primary job responsibility?

Melvyn Kirtley: as a gem learn home, especially Tiffany of Chief gem learn home, I by is responsible for of field, first most important of a is in global looking for and filter out important of color gem and diamond, as Tiffany of senior jewelry series in the of by selection of gem; second a field is and global important of customer with cooperation, for they provides purchase process in the by need of recommends; third a field is and media for cooperation, As a spokesman for Tiffany, presented to the media about gems and colored gemstones and diamonds-related knowledge.

Left: Tiffany's pear-shaped cut diamond bra decorated jewelry, this 1904 bodice decoration works in the Blue Book series, mounted large Marquise shape and PEAR-cut diamonds. Until 1917, the bodice decoration work appear more than once in each year. Right: Tiffany's PEAR-cut diamond necklace the necklace in the Central mosaic has a large Marquise shape cut diamonds and three pear-shaped cut diamond, to create a circular diamond Ribbon.

History of YOKA:TiffanyBlue Book was recorded on branding of the entire jewelry market has great symbolic, what would you think its core value? For you, what is the meaning of the Blue Book?

Senior jewelry series Tiffany Melvyn Kirtley:Blue Book two major centers around the world each year, namely, New York and China demonstrate that it can create the most important fine jewelry items, and each series was designed by Tiffany and now Art Director of FrancescaAmfitheatrof to set the theme. Actually this on Tiffany, very important, each exhibition are is we important of stage, according to each one years of theme to to world show Statement Jewellery, it of core value is each a pieces Blue Book single products in the are rendering has gem of quality and no is of design process of perfect combined, while also can see in has always been of Blue Book works in the, it are is extended with theme of mainline constantly to evolution, so it condensation has quality, process and design.

Tiffany mosaic shafulaishi, tanzanite and diamond necklace in Platinum, rich colors of the given project glory charm; Tiffany's PEAR-cut tanzanite earrings; Tiffany 12.20 CT oval tanzanite ring; Tiffany design three dimensional dynamic Marquise shape cut diamonds and tanzanite bracelets

YOKA: the TiffanyBlue Book shows in the works and many of the top diamonds, find they spend some time? Where to find it?

Melvyn Kirtley: these diamonds come from all over the world, does not have a specific location or place of origin, Blue Book series as a whole to build the cycle takes about two years ' time. Whether it is colored gemstones or diamonds, from the beginning to find into the high jewellery collection of colored gemstones and diamonds to its design, processing and concrete to build, you need at least two years ' time, like now I'm 2018Blue Book senior jewelry series searching for diamonds and precious stones.

Right: Tiffany round cut diamond necklace, the necklace is of 1963, Egypt in the film Cleopatra in ancient Egypt jewelry and modern interpretation. 642 standard round brilliant cut diamond, reminiscent of Egypt set vertical alignment of the popular chain of beads wide your collarbone. Left 1: Tiffany Classic Pillow-shaped cut diamond brooches, diamond flower brooch used two different types of diamond cut Pincushion cut and rose-cut. Central stone classical Pincushion 2.1 carats cut diamonds. Pillow-shaped cut diamond is also known as the old miner cut, popular from the 18th century to the middle of 19th century. This way of cutting back in old European cut diamonds, you need to hand-cut. Characterized by a shape for the square, four corners rounded, like a pillow. Left 2: Tiffany this with 303 classical European cut diamond bow brooch, is a Garland-style transition to typical works of the art deco style. Set around a circle of independent diamond bow brooch prevails in the 1910-1920.

YOKA: your favorite gem? Meet the biggest obstacle in the process of finding gems is what?

Melvyn Kirtley: I like of gem has several, most like of is tanzanite, it on Tiffany, is very important of, because tanzanite is Tiffany Yu 1968 to world introduced of a new of gem, but I by looking for of this top quality of tanzanite wants to found very difficult, because I on saturated degrees has very high of requirements, also will according to specific of tones, so will special concern some compared has features and unique color of tanzanite. In addition, I also like diamonds and coloured diamonds, in the selection of diamonds and colored diamonds can be found in the course of a lot of challenges and fun.

Tiffany 2016 Blue Book "changing rhyme" senior Platinum mosaic aquamarine and tanzanite jewelry series, green tourmaline and diamond three-stranded necklace

YOKA: in the Blue Book in new products, which you are most satisfied with the works? You can share with us some interesting stories that occur in the process of looking for a gem yet?

Melvyn Kirtley: in this year Blue Book senior jewelry series in the has a paragraph necklace is I very like of, which necklace pendant of main stone is a star near 28 carats heavy of sea Sapphire, and whole article necklace of chain part is by very fine of Lam pointed type gem mosaic and into, found so a star big carats number of sea Sapphire, and is flawless of, while and reached has on color degrees of requirements, is very difficult of. Because I was hoping to find was a special blue aquamarine, a pure blue, without a trace of gray, I'm glad to have found such an aquamarine, found almost two years ago. In addition, in this series, there is a ring, is embedded in the ring by cabochon aquamarine surface, as well as a diamond bracelet, total weight about 45 KT, mixed cuts, streamlined city of extraordinary beauty, the bracelet is wonderful. There is also a necklace pendant, covered with a huge picture-perfect tanzanite, which is my favorite in this series are several.

Tiffany Emerald-cut tanzanite necklace, main stone 19.10 carats, with 2371 round brilliant cut diamond

YOKA: you have experience with many customers over the years, for every stone to find their most suitable hosts, during which any interesting stories you can share with us?

Melvyn Kirtley: I think every customer contact is very important to me, and one of a kind, I've seen hundreds of very special clients. Remember one customer, when he wanted to find a diamond has a unique color, and I'm fortunate to be able to find the diamond of this standard to meet he needs, what he wants is to have blue brilliance of diamonds, is on top of the ring is very rare and hard to come by a stone. This experience has a very special meaning for me, because I know that the diamond will appear on a special moment in life, coupled with the diamond standard of particularity and its rarity, makes this a very special experience for me, and it is also very important for a customer to me, very memorable.

Tiffany Platinum mosaic and narrow shape, round, pear-shaped diamond necklaces and bracelets in many cutting ways, such as stream-like winds smart; has a 130-year history of the classic engagement ring--The Tiffany Setting Tiffany six prong set diamond rings.

YOKA: what was your impression of China? For Chinese women, which do you think stone is best for them?

Melvyn Kirtley: I love China and are very happy every time I went to China, I think China makes me feel an active energy and Chinese customers are very delicate, they know what they want or what they like. I was particularly impressed by Chinese customers, their minds and their ideas are very eclectic, not limited to one special gem of love, and they are willing to accept different types of gems, their level of taste and understanding of gemstones and diamonds, so I am very impressed. Chinese customers are very popular Tiffany, is because we showed the quality of gemstones as well as diamonds, designs and superb craftsmanship, they are willing to accept any kind of gem and design is very special. Said which a gem most for China customer words, I think this is a is personal of of preferences, each personal like of things will has different, especially involves color gem of when, I think each one customer will has specifically of belongs to personal of on gem of desire, I think diamond each personal are love, and for color gem is is each one customer are has different of preferences, no General of standard.

"The rhythm of the waves" hollows out the necklace, by the size of the gradient of diamond and Platinum to create, Tiffany artisans go over 800 hours to build

YOKA: as we all know, Tiffany white diamonds and diamond fields has absolute authority, is the production of the highest quality diamonds, you also become a collector and connoisseur of the most beautiful jewelry, Tiffany diamond compared with other brands, the biggest difference in where?

Melvyn Kirtley: Tiffany, we only accept 0.04% of all precious stones and diamonds, diamond or 99.6% cannot meet the requirements of Tiffany. And when we were in the selection of diamonds, value high quality, we are all very familiar with the diamond 4 c's standard, and Tiffany is a 5C, and finally a c represent the overall fire diamonds. We also integrated measure the quality of a diamond, such as cutting and polishing process as a whole, and refraction of each side, the entire balance of cutting out shapes and contrast, as well as its fire and sparkle, this 5C, so our standards are higher than those of any other diamond brand.

Tiffany jewelry and silver roll fan

YOKA: Tiffany whatever it is has always been at the cutting edge of quality or process level, you work from 1985 joined Tiffany, in 31 hours, where do you think Tiffany's biggest change? How can in later days this dominance continues to develop?

Melvyn Kirtley: I think so far, Tiffany has been constantly in the process of expansion and growth, compared with more than 30 years ago, when I first joined Tiffany, much larger scale than before, being a global company, with more than 300 stores. However, I think Tiffany's growth is very slow, in the whole process, we all attach great importance to the establishment of reliable infrastructure to support our growth, our pursuit of this quality have never done any concessions. We have always been to provide the quality, design and technology have an obsessive pursuit and full of enthusiasm, it is very important to us, so that's what we have always attached great importance to a core value.

Tiffany black opal, Emerald Garnet, gold, and Platinum gold Dragonfly brooch

This "magic charm" Tiffany2016 Blue Book high jewellery collection presents nearly 200 pieces of beautiful fine jewelry in Beijing, of which more than 70 pieces of fine jewelry pieces are published for the first time in the world, this activity also showed a series of antique Tiffany collection jewelry, show nearly 180 years of extraordinary beauty of changing.

Left: Tiffany 18K gold inlay manganese aluminium Garnet, shafulaishi and Sapphire Bracelets, has embraced the Central round 21.04 Carat aquamarine; right: Tiffany 18K white gold embedded wrong color Sapphire and diamond formed coral patterns, 32.05 CT contrast pillows-cut red tourmaline

Inspired by nature and all creatures, Tiffany Design Director Francesca Amfitheatrof "changing rhyme" as 2016 Haute Joaillerie creation motif. This is a process about the evolution of life, mysterious and wonderful beauty, silence and noisy collision with each other. Her true nature based on the vision and imagination into jewelry creations, diamonds and gems to create jewelry masterpiece isn't changing the course of the story.

Tiffany Platinum inlaid Montana Sapphire and diamond bracelet

Amfitheatrof we explore this wonderful life, she whispered: "Let us set off from the deep sea, watching noisy sea life out of the quiet surface, first air inhalation. Time changes, morphological changes, the life force in the alternate. This is the charm and magic of nature, infinite wonders, the thick product sends thinly. "She used this series jewelry casting a vibrant, breathtaking moments, the most extreme beauty are waiting to meet with you.

Tiffany 2016 Blue Book "changing rhyme" senior jewelry series Platinum tanzanite and blue tourmaline and diamonds fish-shaped earrings

Tiffany has always believed: nature is the best designer. Lay the legendary Tiffany jeweler Diamond status, masterpiece was born deep in the quiet surface of natural treasures and talents. The craftsmanship feeling Tiffany artisans and craft heritage of generations the diamonds were hidden by surface light is completely released. Tiffany diamond heritage all the way back to 1848, as the United States well-known "King of diamonds", Tiffany diamonds is synonymous with premium grade with outstanding character.

Tiffany nitansangshi bow brooch, Sang Shi Tan over Emerald-cut, weighing 40 carats, set in Platinum base, 18K on the gold bow set with brilliant round diamonds

Tiffany in this festival featuring more than 10 pieces of diamond jewelry from antique collector's library, the combination of a Tiffany diamonds for nearly 180 years to reach quality and exquisite cut the presevation and inheritance. Changing diamond bright, and with great vitality, it is Tiffany's mission. Rose-cut classical luxury round cut elegant soft, baguette-cut motion transfer, Marquise shape cut the mysterious, PEAR-cut retro modern, mixed-cut styles change ... ... Review Tiffany's fine jewelry over a century and a half the colorful history, is the style of fashion, culture and modern history, women's changing of the times.

Tiffany mosaic yellow Beryl, Amethyst, Emerald and Sapphire "bird of paradise" (Oiseau de Paradis) brooch

In 1845, Tiffany issued a United States first annual directory of fine jewelry in the history, selection of the world's most brilliant colorful jewelry masterpiece, posted to valued customers once a year. An exciting Tiffany "the legend of blue" Tiffany Blue, the first is used in the Blue Book advanced jewelry on the cover page of the annual directory, Blue Book, hence the name, Tiffany blue, on a global scale style and elegance of the ultimate symbol.

Tiffany 2016 Blue Book "changing rhyme" 18K white gold inlaid with sapphires, diamonds and fine jewelry series shafulaishi sea star bracelet

Early years, founder of chaersiluyisidi Tiffany (Charles Lewis Tiffany) through the annual Blue Book directory selection when the most elegant and stunning design work, presents for Tiffany guests. Today, this Tiffany Blue Book with a blue cover annual directory of fine jewelry has become the world's most looks forward to each year's fine jewelry jewelry collector series, youdifu jewelry craftsmen took hundreds of even thousands of hours to render, each one is unique art-house masterpiece.

Rangshilongbojie designed for the Tiffany mosaic, diamond and pink tourmaline and Amethyst turquoise Butterfly brooch

Tiffany's fine jewelry styles always lead the trend of the times. As early as 1848, chaersiluyisidi Tiffany from France noble bought a lot of sparkling diamonds zhenpin, rare gems to introduce United States. He used Tiffany original mosaic to redesign these Rare gems of dazzling mosaic, mosaic of his aesthetic subverts traditional complex of European-style, fit with the vibrant spirit of New York, laid a simple elegant modern American style, this design philosophy since then has continued to this day.

In 1906, the luyisidi vine necklace Tiffany design. Design prototypes from the India subcontinent folk jewelry, Amethyst, glass pendants and jade come together, from the gold chains hanging down, like the sparkling grapes

Tiffany with the aesthetic design of classic and unique charm of countless royalty and politicians preferred style. In the early 20th century, United Kingdom, and Austria, and Denmark, and Greece and Spain Royal family, and King of the Ottoman Empire at that time, the Russian Czar and the Queen, Iran King appointed Tiffany as Europe's Royal Queen's jewelry brands.

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor) wearing her husband Richard Burton (Richard Burton) giving Tiffany "flower of the Ocean (Fleur de Mer)" brooch

The breakfast at Tiffany's in the film posters, Audrey Hepburn to wear rangshilongbojie designs of Tiffany yellow diamond Ribbon necklace

Tiffany love for nature has been continued to the present. Ms Tiffany Design Director of current FrancescaAmfitheatrof, we rise to the art attack is a natural inspiration inject new vitality and will be Tiffany's fine jewelry into new areas. She will "Bo sea rhyme" as Tiffany 2015 Haute Joaillerie creation theme of exploring the abundant vitality of sea, source of life and beautiful pop up. In 2016, inherited the brand spirit, Francesca Amfitheatrof breakthrough original creativity, and launched a new fine jewelry works again, with "magic charm" as its main theme, highlighting the natural beauty of the magical changing evolution and creation.

Tiffany Diamond "legend of Tiffany yellow diamond" cut sketches

Diamond is the best representative of Tiffany technology. A Tiffany Diamond Tiffany brand name (legend of Tiffany yellow diamond) is a true Legend of technology. In 1878, Tiffany suffered a year of time thinking about this unique yellow diamond cutting method, in order to let it Bloom's great China light. Eventually, Tiffany at the expense of this extraordinary diamond carat weight of more than half, by Tiffany's Chief gemologist George-Kun, Dr personally supervised, beautifully hand-cut to 128.54-carat cushion-shaped yellow diamond. Exquisite perfection after cutting diamonds have an unprecedented 82 plane, and Avenue v in Tiffany New York flagship store of blooms in bright sun light.

Weighing 128.54-Carat Tiffany Diamond "legend of Tiffany yellow diamond"

While cutting in order to render bright light at the expense of Carat, is important on the Tiffany diamond standard insisted. Tiffany artisans to harsh and precise process of cutting each diamond polished, even the small carat weight as well. They are hand-cut, carve and create each brilliant diamond ring, bearing unmatched trait inheritance. Only Tiffany jewelry artisans for the ultimate shine spent endless energy can carry the Tiffany name of legend.

Tiffany diamond jewelry set stones fine jewelry series Tiffany There is father s day let fly a few days for Dad

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