Natural beauty Supermodel of the world s childhood photos

New York fashion week spring/summer 2013 nears, we can't wait for next season's trends, this season's fashion week will appear from all over the world's top supermodel, pretty face, sexy body all the genetic parents of beautiful genes? Let us look at the models of the super cute childhood pictures, can you tell the model looks like as a child?

Natural beauty? Supermodel of the world's childhood photos

Qin Shupei, international super model, currently ranking 29th in the international model site Models since 2008 in the fledgling New York fashion week, just 2 years to Qin Shupei became internationally-renowned supermodel.

Natural beauty? Supermodel of the world's childhood photos

Liu, MDC ranks 6th 2011 Authority website, ranking first in the Chinese model, also a new century, the highest-ranked Asian models.

Natural beauty? Supermodel of the world's childhood photos

Natural beauty? Supermodel of the world's childhood photos

Chinese supermodel Sun Feifei in the speedy completion of the n-hop carried just two years, after the end of fashion week spring/summer 2012, Fifi models Top 50 list ranking has jumped to 14-bit now and recently when Valentino (Valentino) spring/summer 2012 advertising women.

Natural beauty? Supermodel of the world's childhood photos

2012 spring/summer show season, yuesefenluodemansi (Josefien Rodermans) at New York fashion week exclusive for CK (Calvin Klein) opening + closing, then at Milan fashion week debut Max Mara, Moschino two shows.

Natural beauty? Supermodel of the world's childhood photos

From Argentina's new super model Magdalena Laguinge, vintage, neutral, sometimes very complex, like different clothes she wears, as a Libra girl, her dreams a lot.

Natural beauty? Supermodel of the world's childhood photos

Yuesefensikeruiwa (Josephine Skriver), from Denmark, is the one with Denmark and the Netherlands models of mixed ancestry.

Natural beauty? Supermodel of the world's childhood photos

Liliaoerdeliqi (Lily Aldridge) Victoria's secret (Victoria's Secret) Angel models.

Natural beauty? Supermodel of the world's childhood photos

Annasailaiciniwa (Anna Selezneva) is the fashion industry one of the most popular new after the supermodel Anna S from the top model come out of Russia.

Natural beauty? Supermodel of the world's childhood photos

Walundinazanyawa (Valentina Zelyaeva) today is the world's top model Top 50 14th walundinazanyawa (Valentina Zelyaeva) is Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) and l ' Oral perfumes commercials that incomparable Angel face.

Natural beauty? Supermodel of the world's childhood photos

Tatiana Cotliar as usual with foreigners are proud of the strong nose, freckles, with a bit of naughty, not artificial face, so naturally likable. Dark brown hair her face bring out another refined temperament, is full of exotic!

Kati Nescher, 27 years old in the model can be considered as the older players (she has a 2-year old son), his debut in 2011, but she hit starts at 12, spring and summer.

Xianaieryiman (Chanel Iman) is a lovely black model of the Barbie line, in the United States offi cials not only frequently appeared in magazines such as Vogue and fashion into one of the most popular youth show in the Gossip Girl guest star.

Magdalena Frackowiak, supermodel, model sign up to the world's largest economy since the age of 16, one of fashion week spring/summer NEXT,2007, 22, becomes the YSL and Celine two top brand fashion show opening models.

17 daliyasituokousi (Daria Strokous) walked the first catwalk at Milan fashion week PRADA and Marni spring/summer 08 show, handsome innocent, lovely lady, and she becomes IMG companies pushing new people still, PRADA Sport and the following spring Lookbook model.

Kel Markey and a 19 year old girl from Florida, from March 2010, a chance on the road to a model, in order to subsidize their own travel expenses and the cost of College. She now belongs to a business model.

Jacqueline yabulongsiji (Jacquelyn Jablonski) from the United States, New Jersey, is an 100% United States girls, cute beauty she exudes the girl, 5 feet 9 inches tall, long, straight legs, smooth skin, healthy smile.

Selitayibankesi (Selita Ebanks) debut at New York fashion week for the Tuleh fall show. In the latest world ranking of TOP 20 sexy supermodel, ranked 7th, Angel of Victoria's secret supermodel + sports illustrated babe, Selitayibankesi (Selita Ebanks) along the red and unstoppable.

Delicate facial features and slender body, matching it on yo long straight black hair, Princess Lily Kwong as if modern China. As a model, 22, became a New Face.

Julia (Julia Stegner), children under 7 years has done model, appears in ads and catalogs. In front of her 15 birthday, when the Munich Beer Festival, she was a talent scout Ku. Originally planned to read accounting and change her mind travelled to Paris to begin modeling career.

Meghan Collison (Meghan Collison) seems to be luck's favor, debut didn't last long already and Steven Meisel, Bruce Weber and Mario Testino ... Masters such as cooperation, and Meisel photographed soon appeared on the Vogue Italy edition cover, Meghan Collison (Meghan Collison) became a high profile newcomers. The stunning fashion is copy

Chick from the Namibian Behati Prinsloo has unmatched loveliness, believe that not too many objections. On the facial features beautiful, absolutely temperament, she is not stunning. Clearly should be sharpened oval face but because of bulging cheeks, a camouflage coat the pumpkin harvest. Also, located in the right half of my face to more than 10 of the mole, is particularly conspicuous.

As one of the models of fashion week's most brilliant, Charlotte Free pink hair once in last year's Deep Dye (severe bleaching and dyeing) hair trend back to young girls.

Super model Camille Rowe, emaciated body curvaceous, sexy charm.

Annaweiyalicina (Anne Vyalitsyna) has a standard Devil and Angel face, Maroon 5 frontman yadangLiwei her boyfriend (Adam Levine).

Su Wei kaupo tender (Suvi Koponen) from Finland, at age 18, she won in a model school, contracted famous Supreme model agency, did PRADA after opening, and became the exclusive model of the PRADA and Miu Miu, and with its own unique charm became popular.

Bar Refaeli was born in Israel in a small village, 15 year, Barr signed an agent, start directory model for the magazine.

France's new model Marie Piovesan,2011 fashion week show 50 games, including the LV (Louis Vuitton) show close-field model.

Qiongsimosi (Joan Smalls) performances in the spring/summer 2011 fashion week, with YSL as a model at the beginning, for Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier holding closed models, black models of the upward momentum is very strong.

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