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Fashionable men's clothing has always been about simplicity and quality, not layers to show wear take skill, on the contrary, if the design is clever enough, a fake two piece can win more through the simplified modern sense. Suits with vests, t-shirts and t-shirts, shirts and t-shirts, shirts and vests ... ... The combination of these elements, was revealed by neat, make men more simple type of dressing.

1, 2in1 suit + waistcoat l

Stylish watch grey fake two piece suit

Matching heart fake two piece suit is a men's match the incumbent, easily stereotyped suit out layers and matching vest, shirt or even a vacuum, especially trendy types. But its such a designer suit doesn't fit matching shirt too rigid, narrow neck, slim style is a good choice.

Shirts + t-shirts of the 2in1 right

Stylish watch shirt off two-piece, dark denim shorts

Mix fake two piece heart shirt + t-shirts are often juggling at the neckline, but this mystery set in sleeve, although only with two black, but a common gray shirt at once seductive, paired with a pair of dark denim shorts and refreshing addition to glamorous.

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2, 2in1 shirt + shirt right

Stylish aspect decorative fringe shirt off in two parts, the waist trousers

Matching hearts by this seemingly two fold shirt to wear off two real detailing done, color overlay the different double-collar design, makes men even wore a shirt can cause fashion concern. Light grey trousers waist striped decoration, let man match eliminates the belt links, and more fashionable, isn't it?

2in1 t + t-left

Fashion watch for: two t-shirts, Crimson Blazer

Matching printed with the m flag in the heart by this paragraph patterned shirt and revealed a white edge at neckline and the pendulum, causing two fold the illusion of wearing, simple and light effects, pair with a rather bright deep red leisure suit and a pair of rolled up trouser jeans, full of modern playful British sportsman.

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3, 2in1 t-shirt + vest right

Fashion watch for: fake two piece black t-shirt, flashing blue sneakers

Mix both heart and monochromatic shirt is easy to see that, especially black, in order to fully reflect the ingenious design, match also takes care of it, loosely tie end between t-shirt and vest, end of freely floating out of the vest, seemingly casual approach, but will leave two levels clearly.

2in1 left t-shirt + scarf

Fashion watch for: two t-shirt, dark grey jeans

Matching heart designers always likes to play in the t-two creations, even thought the slope upper part scarf, although both are very simple elements, one is highly personalized style. Lower body and matching dark gray jeans are filled with all kinds of details, the whole outfit reveals a low profile.

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4, 2in1 shirt + vest

Fashion watch for: two shirts, plaid pants

Match the collar of the white shirt was mosaic retro wool vest, with Plaid pants and plaid hat, immediately sends out strong British flavor, retro, stylish without losing taste.

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