Phytoplankton in London fashion week Fashion Show

London, June 18 at 18 o'clock local time, ThinkPad s series floating Zhou Xiangyu Super together famous designers Xander Zhou appeared on London men's week of spring/summer 2014 "ThinkPad s floating Fashion Show"! This is the ThinkPad S3 and S5 in China market, the first overseas appearance!

Phytoplankton in London fashion week Fashion Show

"Floating" was intended to reverse gravity in the universe floats, and the new ThinkPad s series main "Floating Design" redefined "floats". Lenovo China market in commercial Division Director Liu Xiyuan about ThinkPad "floating" design concept, said: "the float is an attitude, is a yearning for freedom, against the force of gravity, unfettered manner; float is a demand is a break to release bursts of inspiration's inner appeal. "People are fast-paced and high-pressure shrouded by the longing for freedom was strong demand for the heart: floats, free!

Xander Zhou designed a limited-edition red dot cufflinks

Xander Zhou designed a limited-edition red dot cufflinks Global discount cheap cry holy places abroad would

Original Zhou Xiangyu that "float" is a kind of Antigravity, like a closed space for self and self, and stimulate a greater inspiration. He describes this floats on the Fashion Show in London's fashion design concept: "in fashion, most of the time was used to design is a kind of beauty, and if you break, often has been credited with breaking the beauty but I think this break with traditional beauty can produce a new kind of beauty. I always like to do something on the fashion design that looks not too smooth, does not feel it is not beautiful, but do not think it is very smooth. This is my understanding of planktonic, my design is a float. "This is a State of mind that pass by, the anti gravity, create!

As the ThinkPad's new s series--S3 and S5, floating Super, thin machine front end to 10MM, thin to perfection, creating Visual light floating sensation. Its design was inspired by the universe, its cutting edge built "floats" (Floating Design) design, one with the shadows of black pan, horizontally as floating on the desktop, like hearts and stars in the universe "floating free" State. Super phytoplankton S3 and S5 the meteorite silver and black colors in the world, sense of color added to the universe floats. And this design concept and Zhou Xiangyu exactly the appearance of clothing design inspiration coincide and complement each other.

The 2014 London men's week in spring and summer, the combination of inspiration and design ideas led to successful transboundary fashion and technology. ThinkPad s and Zhou Xiangyu in this cooperation, Zhou Xiangyu creativity, designed specifically for the ThinkPad notebook s series red dot cufflinks and "floating" theme of notebook computer case, ThinkPad s series notebook will not only appear on Xander Zhou show stage, these unique works also by the models on the catwalk show.

Xander Zhou ThinkPad s design

Xander Zhou ThinkPad s design "floats" theme of notebook computer case

Meanwhile, Zhou Xiangyu will "float" on the concept in fashion design, using an a-hem design, the models were dressed in clothing seem to stay in the air, give full expression to the "floating" concept. In addition, he has been trying to design practical and fashion the perfect together, which is consistent with the ThinkPad, both concepts are committed to the pursuit of the ultimate balance of aesthetics and pragmatism.

Phytoplankton in London fashion week Fashion Show

Zhou Xiangyu designers for its unique visual art perspective, great tailoring to new interpretations of the men in the past to great acclaim on the London fashion week, even the New York Times and the words praised it as "deconstruction of fashion". The after its "floating design" new ThinkPad s men's fusion of unique charm, some will shine on the spring/summer 2014 London menswear week!

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