School dress up vibrant youth

School of wind whipped up a frenzy, knitted cardigans, plaid shirts, overalls, windbreakers, vintage dresses, and so on, are becoming typical of academic style. Of the popular Gossip Girl, starring in the play ' campus wind fashion clothing, College style element of the stars on the show, no doubt become popular. The winter once their "student wind"!

Kaley Gossip Girl tells the story of the wealthy nobles prep school in New York, watched the drama at the same time, noticed the stars dress style? Shirt small suit, plaid pleated skirts, knitted vests and so on, the college atmosphere of dressing mix from 2007 of the Gossip Girl (Gossip Girl) this show is popular to date, has long been a global wave of College-style

In the fall/winter 2011, venue of the four major fashion weeks, we still can see keeping the College style elements of big names. Vivienne Westwood Red Label match classic Plaid Shirt and Cardigan, Topshop Unique College wind leisure suit, Paul Smith classic school style series, and so on, can still be seen elegant College-style shadow.

This autumn and winter, College style dress is still popular, is not difficult to match, plain double breasted trench coats, pleated skirts, sneakers and so on, all these are all essential items for College wind.

Fall/winter 2011 Topshop Unique collection on the runway, exquisite short leisure suit with wide-leg hem pants, revealing ankles, typical of the noble family of academic dress, inside take school a favorite classic floral print shirt.

Fall/winter 2011 Topshop Unique collection

Silk shirt collar bow School of wind, same high waist hem belt a little retro, young women's literature and art of the 80 's.

Fall/winter 2011 Topshop Unique collection

In College, learned typical dress up talented young women. With a little neutral fan, dress shirt, outside a knitted cardigans, stylish fully.

2011 Paul Smith autumn/winter

School in the "bad girl" dress, Vivienne Westwood Red Label show incisively, yet a little fashion sense.

Fall/winter 2011 Vivienne Westwood Red Label collection

School, of course, took off without cartoon LOGO embellishment and Cowboys stripes h classic dress a favorite cartoon LOGO coat, sweet College dress up comfortably.

Fall/winter 2011 Topshop Unique collection

Leading gown paired with long skirts, this fall and winter are also very popular gown tucked into skirts, popular front of student dress.

Fall/winter 2011 Topshop Unique collection

Canvas is indeed students were must-have items, ordinary gown + pleated long skirt, mix with a little lady temperament of students as a whole family.

Overalls are a symbol of young forever, just like pop since her student days. Still popular, has always been a school of typical student dress in the wind.

Plain Knit dress with a pair of casual shoes, the highlight is white socks match, closer to the wind with the school as a whole, this tender, do not install, just copy a style---College wind.

T dress small retro, remember the popular once in a while, nice crew neck and waist folds, became the ever popular elements. School of retro + wind this winter to become the tide girls now!

The Gossip Girl actress through the double breasted trench coat similar to the paragraph does not mature but with some students. Classic double-breasted with shoulder decorations, are undoubtedly essential College the wind element. Perfect black and white party dress up

Mature? It is not! Double-breasted casual suits put a strap dress, student group can be either put the Oh! Shoes can be worn with sneakers or casual shoes.

College student of the school wind fall/winter dress shirt pop vitality

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