Scientists say atom is when people stare will stop moving

A few days ago, from the United States by a group of physicists at Cornell University found that when people are staring at the atomic time, it will stop moving. Graduate student Yogesh Patil Srivatsan CHakram was used in a tested and a largely consisting of billions of gas of rubidium atoms. First, they cooled gas filled into a vacuum container, this container is then suspended between laser beam, so that atoms could--like a State in the Crystal in order to line up.

Scientists say atom is when people stare, will stop moving

Because the atoms in a low temperature environment, so they can "tunnel" is free to move to a different location. That is, when you see these atoms, they can be anywhere in the lattice.

However, when the researchers looked at the Atomic, they found that "tunnel" behaviour to stop, this is the "quantum Zeno effect". Zeno effect by the University of Texas at Austin E.C. George Sudarshan and Baidyanath Misra proposed in 1977, they point out, is a quantum system can in principle be measured repeatedly to "freeze". Previously, this effect is only validated in a spinning subatomic particles. Hello Kitty iphone 6 cases

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Mukund Vengalattore, an Assistant Professor of physics at Cornell University, said: "this is the first time in the detection of atoms moving real space observed the quantum Zeno effect.

In addition, he also pointed out that, as a result of the experiment, they began to adjust the atom. The future, they also individually control the atom, and because in this State, the atoms are extremely sensitive to outside, so researchers can create a new type of sensor. Hello Kitty iphone 6 cases

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