Sports watch five adventure Switzerland watch adventures of power

Maybe flying businessmen can also drive around Switzerland watches hidden energy, similar to the adventures of inner strength: almost stubborn character, once the Act will proceed along the path never deviated from the lifelong.

Sports watch five adventure Switzerland watch adventures of power

Switzerland famous watches

From a century ago, from the first navigators around the world, with Navy submarine, and today's ultimate flying enthusiasts, polar scientist, Switzerland well-known watch brands are increasingly keen to sponsor the person, deeply sinister environment and who by their own sports watch masterpiece, they wore their Rolex, Zenith, Omega, IWC, Panerai opens a magnificent adventure.

Almost all Switzerland who watches are subjected to rigorous testing before delivery, is equipped with its own testing laboratory, run time error tests from different directions, to porcelain, impact resistant, waterproof, shockproof, experimental, and some can even use the "harsh" words to describe.

Of course, it is a laboratory test for seeking a reliable and precise Switzerland watches are not enough, they follow the explorers God sea, display their supernatural powers.

Enith (Zenith) "first across the Earth's surface table"

84 years ago, Roald Amundsen to the North Pole, he is recognized as the first person to reach the South Pole, which eventually became the first person across the entire surface of the Earth. In two expeditions are wearing Zentih (Zenith) provide watches. After him, Jean-Louis Etienne polar traveler on April 5 this year from Norway, horses are islands starting in Bergen, was boarded by helium and hot air, as power giant floating Rozi re hybrid balloon. His goal is a single leap in the Arctic for the first time, he plans to move in the Alaska flight, arrived in the 3rd. His expedition will measure the zero-emission region of the Earth's magnetic field and of carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. And he wears, it is Zenith's El Primero Striking 10th series, 1/10 second jumping seconds chronograph 1969 limited edition 001 series of watches.

Key Point:El Primero Striking 10th marked the Zenith Watch Mania won the honor process value of the brand's return. Pick up 10 times per second movement was the first to have half an oscillation frequency of mass production movement, its advanced design can achieve the highest accuracy of detection by mechanical means. When most other movements to achieve 8 vibrations per second rate, the El Primero Movement you can use superior movement frequency display 1/10 of a second time.

Panerai (Officine Panerai) Luminor 1950 depth in China's Gobi desert Su bmersible professional diving Depth Gauge depth gauge watch limited edition

South Africa-born adventurer Mike Horn is the first around 20000 km Arktos Expedition in the Arctic Circle, and single-handedly, without any mechanical AIDS in the 17 months to complete a trip around the world "0 degrees of the Equator" (Latitude Zero) exploration. Today, he launched the "Pangaea" global exploration and environmental protection activities, led a group from all over the world, 15-20 "young explorers" around the world in four years, and study the global environment. From August 22 to September 7 this year, he led 12 young explorers to China's Gobi desert expeditions and expeditions.

On the journey, he would never leave that Panerai Luminor 1950 Submersible Depth Gauge, it has accompanied him in 2006 by human history, without the use of sled dogs for the first time or under powered vehicles, to reach the North Pole during the Arctic Winter polar night; and in 2007 in the case without the aid of additional oxygen aboard Nepal two peaks over 8000 m.

Key Point: to play in the 1930 of the 20th century Italy Navy official supplier of precision instruments for well-known Panerai, Luminor 1950 Submersible depth measurements of the launch of watches is a suitable for underwater use of automatic watches, Switzerland official Observatory (C.O.S.C. ) Issued a certificate of chronometer. The table is equipped with a depth gauge, its measurement accuracy through individual testing and obtain official accreditation body METAS (located in Switzerland, Berne country survey) certifications. Water resistant to a depth of up to 120 metres, and also to record the maximum diving depth. Resilience of strong and lightweight titanium allergy-free metal, limited edition of 600 pieces.

Maurice Lacroix (Le Meridien)

Run Bering Sea Gorge Ben Tao series full black square timing code table this year July, Maurice Lacroix (AI beauty table) sponsored of Geza Scholtz and Troy Henkels by composition of white makes Strait adventure team departure expedition, its target is to kite ski of way from Alaska through Bering Sea Gorge arrived in Russia, he both in the adventure in the full wearing AI beauty Ben Tao series full black square timing code table.

Regular dentist career moment, like search for Geza Scholtz has travelled 30 countries of the world. Troy Henkels is a business Economist in Alaska working as communications technician, adventurous, he is the first person to kite-skiing in Antarctica.

Key Point: square-shaped case complemented by innovative ceramic coating-make this watch even more solid and powerful, 30-minute and 12-hour timers are located at 12 and 6 points, and 9-point position of small seconds hand date display and 3-point location coordination. Benefit from the luminescent coating on top of the pointer, read time easier. Transparent automatic movement ML 112 is visible at the end of the table also contains different styles of both sides: one side is a more elegant hand-combed decoration in Geneva, another is sporty metallic rhodium trim. In order to ensure accuracy and reliability, balance wheel at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, while the movement has 46 hours of power reserve.

Omega (Omega)

Omega (Omega)

Depth in China's Gobi desert Super broad arrow GMT "shinin" Watch two months ago "shinin" prototypes in Switzerland Payerne airport landing, it created history by saving energy with solar panels in the last day, "shinin" succeeds in realizing the whole night, this plan aims to realize the Grand goal of rely solely on solar energy for flight.

Super broad arrow GMT "shinin" watch is designed to promote the development of the project pays tribute to the pioneers and pioneering spirit, dial design inherited from the Omega Speedmaster watches have eye-catching dial, and a synthetic surface similar to the HB-SIA prototype airplane black carbon fiber.

Key Point: its special dials is slightly sunken black timer and small seconds dial easy clear read time; ochre on the 12 o'clock position "HB-SIA". With GMT Central pointers, its top is plane shape, walking in a circle for 24 hours, to read the time in another time zone. Fixed titanium bezel with a black matte aluminum ring, engraved with the orange "TACHYMETER BASE 1000", with a tachymeter scale. One of the watch's unique utility function, is a direction arrow and the "North" (North) GMT on the pointer to the end of the word, but when in the Sun and compass. As numbered production style, number etched on the bottom.

Polar travel "France delegation of polar adventure-Paul-Emile Victor" watch

Longines (Longines) polar trip "France delegation of polar adventure-Paul-Emile Victor" watch

Story of this watch from 1947, in the famous scientists under the sponsorship of Paul-Emile Victor, France launched a series of North-South Pole expedition. These scientists, meteorologists, geologists, surveying physicists, biologists, geologists and glaciologists adventure equipment, equipped with 4 Gold Longines sign clock 3 is set to normal, 1 is set to star, and 15 crew also wore a Longines manufacture of stainless steel watches. Time-measuring instruments are mainly used for expeditions to determine its astronomical location (and be used to precisely calculate GEODESIC).

There is no doubt that Longines timepieces in the device in the most distant parts of the world to explore plays a vital role. In honor of this series of adventure activities, Switzerland watchmaker Longines was reissued this year by scientists at France in polar exploration activities used in exploration in Greenland and along the adelidi coast, "France polar expedition-Paul. Aimierweiketuo delegation "watches.

Key Point: like it like the original, has a self-winding mechanical movement, 3 o'clock position for the date display window, Silver Dial decorated with small, luminous hour markers and Arabic numerals; with dark brown alligator leather strap or black leather strap is available for selection. Longines Exp e ditions Polaires Franaises Missions Paul-Emile Victor what's name is engraved on the back of a stainless-steel shell, reminiscent of the legendary adventure both in the North and South ends shakes across the finish-Arctic and Greenland, as well as Antarctica and the adelidi coast.

In addition to these five new watches with the exploration and collection value, this season's popular keywords include: deep waterproof, three, large case, bright colors, small multifunction dial. For watch enthusiasts, the following five different types of cells.

Tudor Hydro 1200 waterproof 1200 m

Tudor Hydro 1200 waterproof 1200 m

Tudor Hydro 1200 continues the Prince of the sea-Sun handsome exterior and deep ocean temperament, boldly designed waterproof function to expand to an unprecedented depth of 1200 m. It consists of Switzerland Geneva, custom made, case is water-resistant to 1200 m, 3 mm thick crystal glass surface can take from the strong pressure of the deep sea. Also equipped with rows of helium valve, diving into what's in the air can be discharged through the exhaust the helium valve at decompression time.

Key Point: satin and polished stainless steel case, stainless steel and Black ceramic combo strap, with safety chains or stretched-rubber strap and latch. Pointer to a streamlined design fully reflects the nautical style, deep character of the whole performance thoroughly. Black unidirectional rotating bezel, black dial, sporty and deep and classic.

When Bulgari BVLGARI Diagono X-Pro three Count who watch big cousins

When Bulgari BVLGARI Diagono X-Pro three

Latest Diagono X-Pro not only inherited the Diagono watches the hallmark of the series, also called the born to travel time, equipped with short precise time of chronograph functions, as well as three time zone independent timing (when three) of complex functions. Equipped with Calibre BVL 312 calibre, it is La Joux-Perret Manufacture based on Valjoux 7750 movement, adds GMT (multi zone) function module specifically tailored for Bulgari a complex movement.

Key Point: the outer ring of the dial with 24 hour markers, is divided into two 12-hour display, GMT swept the tracks clearly show the pointer outside the day/night regions. This lap time is displayed by adjusting the Crown, the Crown is also used to set local time and date correction. Meanwhile, constituted for Diagono X-Pro third time zone wristwatch design another dial control. This is a bi-directional rotating parts and is very easy to control, with 24 hour markers, day/night display material in different colors marked on two 12-hour display interval half-day half a turn is made of fine material at night half a turn is made of rubber material. The bezel is equipped with a specially made for Bulgari's innovative precision device to lock the watch selected time zone. Gently press the bezel to unlock, so that the wearer to adjust for time zone; release bezel set the school good time zone display lock does not move, so as to effectively reduce the risks of misuse.

IWC IWC Aquatimer aquatimer automatic 2000 Watch: 44 mm case

Diver table from Schaffhausen to new Aquatimer aquatimer automatic 2000 watch for the basic model, replaced it with a new shape, also climed up the peak. This refers not only to withstand up to 200 bar pressure function, also refers to the increase of 44 mm case diameter-in the water, larger sizes read more clearly.

Key Point: the new Rotary diving Cup replaced the previous inner circle, is the new face 2010 Aquatimer aquatimer series main character. Sapphire glass, multi-function inside the outer ring is 4 mm wide ring, has concentrated on printing and coating the bottom of the Super-LumiNova luminescent coating and therefore particularly suitable for night dives.

Concert with rotating outer ring marked triangle special painted with strong color of the minute hand, to avoid confusion. From a technical point of view, new Aquatimer aquatimer automatic 2000 watch-like its predecessors-is equipped with a reliable 30110 automatic movement. Watch with date display, to pull out the Crown (normal operation for screwing) second hand stopped re-commissioned.

Breitling Breitling Galactic 36 automatic watch

Breitling Breitling Galactic 36 automatic spot for ladies tailor

Soar with the Breitling women no longer need to select some men's watch styles, or borrow someone else's favorite! Galactic 36 Automatic Watch has a unique number engraved on the bezel, equipped with polished stainless steel or stainless steel matte bezel.

Key Point: the sophisticated design of the dial, a total of 6 colors to choose from, with mother-of-Pearl and diamond watch more bursting out with attractive light. These tables you can choose matching leather, crocodile or lizard leather strap or stainless-steel bracelet. Equipped with steel or scrub 2 meter, respectively, 6 dials and 4 to form a bracelet/strap choices like changing fashion women with wider choices.

Chopard Chopard Happy Sport XL

Chopard happy diamonds Chopard Happy Sport XL activities

Happy Sport Watches available in 20 years, attracted many people with a bold and fashion taste. New Happy Sport XL features a generous 42 mm diameter, sleek monochromatic design, of course, not forgetting the essence of Happy Sport series features classic diamond design.

Key Point: colour, it has a coral-red, Blue Lake or almond green options available. Stainless-steel rings, Pearl gloss painted dial, rhodium-plated hands and rubber strap using the same tone. 42 mm diameter is also current trend.

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