Switzerland Mido dynamic interpretation of the Olympic spirit

Perfect commemoration of the anniversary limited edition Watch series is to the finish line, struggling to fight, wanton laugh is celebrated every exciting moment, are forever memorable collection of perfect anniversary limited edition Watch series, recording every moment, Colosseum exuding the faint silvery stainless steel bracelet by satin and polished.

Mark the anniversary of the moment-perfect series limited edition watches

Mark the anniversary of the moment-perfect series limited edition watches

The perfect anniversary limited edition Watch series, record every moment. On the watch's caseback, Colosseum suffused with a touch of silver. After satin-finished and polished stainless steel bracelet, bright and strong. Rounded dial bold color and beauty of the classic Orange smoke soot, rammed full of vigor, it commemorates not only the perfect limited edition watches series through the Decade, was to pay tribute to the ancient origin of Western civilization era. The pursuit of power, became the origin of the modern philosophy of the Olympic movement alive--when athletes standing on the peak of victory, this moment will always be memorable

Lead times-Mido Commander series

Lead times-Mido Commander series

In 1889, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, built, but immersed in the classical architecture of Europe is hard to accept the modern style of "monsters", despised and spurned to come. Coubertin also was ridiculed, the Baron bent on revival of the ancient Olympic Games, despite Greece's Prime Minister refused to provide funding, but finally in the Royal family's support of the Olympic Games on the edge of miscarriage in 1896 under the hardest pulls open the curtain.

Lead times-Mido Commander series

Lead times-Mido Commander series

The Eiffel Tower and the Olympic Games, they are independent of the old times also led to a new era, can bearing the man standing on the crest of an enduring image of the times must be brave enough to throw out the old world, creating new era. Idea Mido with its "Commander", Eiffel's soul into the watch design, the soul of the modern Olympic heritage leader, late 19th century great changes surging confusion between the wrist turns high, to witness the years

Women express-beilunsaili  Observatory's full range of female form

Women express-beilunsaili Observatory's full range of female form

Olympic Games although the egalitarian, but hardships on the path towards real equality between the sexes, Mido Belen Sally III Observatory series ladies watch to complete a revolution in watch. Accurate certification would represent the first time mechanical watch movement into the highest quality Observatory ladies watches, Switzerland watchmaking takes pride of advanced technology for modern women to create a feast. Tribute to equality, to freedom, women persistent struggle for a better life, and their life partners

Precision timer-beilunsaili  18K rose gold gold series table

Precision timer-beilunsaili 18K rose gold gold series table

The 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Chinese swimmer Liu Limin in margin of 0.01 second, losing to United States name fandaiken, missed the Olympic gold medalist, 2004 Athens Olympic Games, United States track and field athletes Maurice Greene with a margin of just 0.02 seconds, finished third. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Chinese swimmer Zhang Lin for only 1 second difference between Miss China's first ever men's swimming Olympic gold medal, Olympic Games are too many miracles, there are too many regrets took place, where the time is cut to the infinitely small, and may change at any moment. Mido Belen Sally III series 18K rose gold commemorate Golden table with Switzerland-certified movement, accurate records of every minute, every second, could replace the wonderful

Stoic miracle-perfect series automatic helium diving watches IWC IWC Portugal series 75 annual exhibition of

The 2008 Beijing Olympics, rowing players nuzhade and jiebuer in hard to reach the finals in the men's double sculls competition, they almost have no formal competition clothing, sprinter Danahousaiyin your purchase, making a racing service participated in the 100 metres and 200 metres events, she was almost wearing second-hand sneakers in the competition. They are from Iraq, fighting the war has not yet gone, qualifying was cancelled, game equipment and training were extremely scarce, they were tolerant of all, simply to go the Olympics--here is a dream. Perfect series of Mido automatic helium diving watch also has the patience, water resistant to a depth of 300 meters, 40 hours power reserve, discover the way to lasting endurance

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