Teng Zi cool little lady

SINA weibo: @ Teng Zi 36

Although knitted dress is horizontal stripes, but not fat,

Small fields breathe sweet black and white is very temperament,

Of course, you could also wear very feminine but also very attractive,

That must add points in the match's glasses,

Super temperament and good ride to popcorn, White collar small literature of the wind the

Real life is not too exaggerated,

Dress design is a neck, I don't have a matching necklace,

Actually it will feel more cumbersome,

I say go with clothes don't look pretty,

But if the clothes would look better then you put up

Without much effort, this belongs to the,

Again simple but spicy good classic stripe element,

"Private micro-credit: tengzi6/QQ Group: 156882881" (Note: Yoka)

"Clothing search: Teng Zi 36" "public micro-credit: tengzi36"

Whisper cool temperament feminine striped black and white match Yoka app

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