Top watches on the wrist Chin Chin wave of worship

Fashion is constantly changing, gold is no longer a symbol of nouveau riche, it is widely used in jewelry, set it to warm your jewel matching necklace, or eye-catching decoration on the ear, and can be used in leather clothing, ... ... From large jewels to Pocket jewelry, from wave shape to prepare for bracelets, even watches also play Flash Flash "Chin Chin" wave of money.

Gold using in jewelry Shang pour surprised has, but in wrist table Shang of using absolute is new fashion of led tide son, Earl, and product home, and Paris beauty Sir, and Vacheron Constantin, luxury wrist table brand are had launched had gold series collection version wrist table, absolute is this field "gold movement" of leader! recently Paris beauty Sir participate in the big luxury products launches are put gold wrist table as main, gold sparkling of wave has overwhelming of again comes has!

Top watches on the wrist,

Earl surrealism gold watch

Earl from Dali of Super reality refining gold operation magic get inspired, will antique gold ideas styling extends to watches of design in the, inspiration source Yu 1967 Earl and Super reality artist Dali cooperation design of Dalid'or Gold: positive Dali classic of beard image and wife Gala of portrait thaw for one, back for DALI works in the common of eggs theme, and author by crush of gave birth to in the of "tomorrow world" creation mother problem echoed. Elegant bling watch dial with strap, dial design is very simple, all members are placed on the design. Perfect groom you just the distance between a

Top watches on the wrist,

Grand Mercure Paris Royal Supreme gold collection watches

Watch the Geneva Watch Awards like Oscar, red dot design award Reddot awards such as watchmaker who test platform, and this year's watch market presents a most authoritative transcripts, for participating in this event, Grand Mercure Paris every year to introduce a new, creative and skilled unassailable best watches. Grand Mercure Paris Royal Supreme gold collection series, for one, also won Switzerland professional Watch magazine's watch of the year awards. Mercure Paris this limited edition watch, dial is forging into pure gold, Royal style is self-evident. Each are made by watchmakers in Switzerland Paris, Bill Mercure forged with 600 hours in the workshop together. You can find in the back making you watch the master's name. Movement through the Sun's rays shimmer polishes, Panchiao and mechanical devices were hand-polished. Design to indisputable technological breakthroughs reflect the ideology of the movement, bold innovation with elegant high watchmaking traditions complement each other.

Vacheron Constantin Gold Diamond watches

In the 20th century, gold table when it was popular, many list shows skilled rack their brains, ultra thin movement embedded in gold coins, made Pocket Watch, pet, favorite of high society. Vacheron Constantin watch industry as a giant are very tide launched a series of gold watches. It was introduced in 1955 prestigious 1003 movement, this movement is applied to gold list, continue to this day. The gold watch, movement design, mechanical movement at a glance, watch the dial and movement are made of gold, and fine diamonds around the magnificent gold coins and the perfect combination of form, it is estimated that "time is money" best case. And such a wonderful bond between tables and currency, time has been even more dramatic, more beautiful interpretation.

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