Without surgery experiencing the colorful compact SPA

Givenchy perfect firming facial mask tips

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Cold afternoon, received a gift from YOKA--Givenchy perfect firming facial mask. Precipitation for a long time to make this magical experience on the job.

First acquaintance with Givenchy was not the popular beauty products, not those people smell of perfume, but comes from my dad's a suit, think the quality is really good, worthy of international brands. After a period of time to get to know the kind of beauty products, and liked the quality.

Before you can use habitual to learned about the Givenchy brand story really legend, also use faith does a small firm.

In the 1950 of the 20th century, the classic Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn with fashion set master the perfect combination of Hubert de Givenchy created a great story on the history of fashion, with the film "Breakfast at Tiffany" little black dress style in the most extreme. Givenchy beauty inherited exquisite France style, the spleen is always a place in the beauty industry.

Givenchy fashion house of salivary gland was born in 1952, chic sophisticated popular in Paris. Cooperation with the Audrey Hepburn film for this France knocked out American-style elegance of the brand, to pay tribute to her perfume L'Interdit also promoted the brand in 1957 and entered the perfume sector. In 1981 after the takeover by, Veuve Cliquot champagne, parent company and France Louis Vuitton merged in 1988, operation owned by LVMH the largest boutique in the world, and in 1989 launched the make-up series Givenchy Swisscare Beauty and skin care series for Givenchy.

Throughout the 90 's, Givenchy brand (cosmetics/skin care/fashion) struggles in embarrassment. Until cosmetics Creative Director Nicolas Degennes with "no rules, no limits" concept of color, combined with IPL technology break through the taboo, to give the brand a blinding bright students, 4G notice to be modern representative. Meanwhile, in predominantly services luxury hotels top beauty centers under the research and development of the Givenchy Spa, skin care line started to go high-tech cosmetic medicine course, has been the industry's attention.

So let little ran holding a humble heart to try this with magic products

Without surgery, experiencing the colorful compact SPA

Are divided into 9 small, this is one of them. As a sample, packaging is exquisite. Small box to win a lot of goodwill. Moving green, a trace of enchanting.

Introduce this mask

The real Spa products such as cream-like texture rich, rapid sculptured face and neck profile, and remove excess water. Experience the immediate swelling and enjoy its dual role. This mask contains high concentrations of active ingredients, individually wrapped with facial mask brush, is compact, indispensable for improving facial skin the perfect partner. Skin firming and strengthening effect of honeysuckle and beech trees bud and green tea polyphenol extract common work, promoting scalability of muscle fibers in the skin cells, skin firming and reshaping the face from the inside. Reduced fat remodeling of drainage effects-citrus flavonoids, saponins which can strengthen Lu Yuan (Ruscogenin) swelling, exclude skin extra moisture more effectively. -Tea extract can promote the Elimination of fat bloated face. Instant tightening firming effect of wheat protein and polyphenols in green tea forming a layer of invisible elastic film, gently tighten and improve the skin. First, face more clearly and skin feel tight. Water reducing the effectiveness will gradually strengthen in female subjects disappear 81% feeling of swelling of the face *,84% face is more compact. Lines are reshaping of the face and neck, tightening and improving. * 31 women use this product for three weeks after the self-assessment test interesting texture, this rich creamy mask applied to the face will change color after. When it was first applied to the skin, it is pale green, but it will gradually change to pale pink, this indicates that it is fully working, it's time to wash it. Use method to mask individually wrapped with a facial mask brush evenly over the face and neck brush a thick layer, avoid eye. When the mask and light pink, to be washed away. After each use, facial mask brush rinse thoroughly with water.

These are some official introduced only reference, hope that baby under the patient to experience.

Without surgery, experiencing the colorful compact SPA


Batch number, producing detailed description

Without surgery, experiencing the colorful compact SPA

Shelf life: in 2012, is still pretty fresh

Without surgery, experiencing the colorful compact SPA

Can not read the details 08 Chic show face more attention

Without surgery, experiencing the colorful compact SPA

Opening the box

Simple yet the fan

Without surgery, experiencing the colorful compact SPA


Without surgery, experiencing the colorful compact SPA

Detailed instructions help you to understand the product. Very intimate

Without surgery, experiencing the colorful compact SPA

9ML a small box

Without surgery, experiencing the colorful compact SPA

Batch number

Opened our package, you can see the texture of our mask

A pale shade of green, in the cold winter has seemed to feel the breath of spring

Finger out a little

Is cream texture

Back to experiments

Cream texture, good feeling. Really dry in winter in the North, Lian Xiaoran warned this oily skin, so now this mask is really suitable for use

After the wash, skin moisturizing, mild

See the instructions said to be color, Ran Qi mask itself saw a bit small, but no way out to show. Then coated on the bag. Also explains its good ductility.

Colorful purple, midnight, Purple Fairy dance.

Reality TV

This tank is for the mother to apply for does a small, older skin inevitably age relaxation. So I put a little, did not paint very thick, but it feels very moisturizing. No irritation.

......... Ten minutes long ... ... ... ... ...

See the changes in the facial mask into a kind of shimmery Pink-Purple.

Clean and wash away, didn't take any other skin care products, skin is water wet. Very comfortable, 9ML could probably use twice, the rest is used by the mother.

Experience over

Feel the skin moist and more obvious sense, pores are clean is clean. Compact is not obvious, just once I want to be hard to see the effect. Being only 800 9 small, for a lot of women are very good choices.

Its characteristics are also very attractive, at home simple and compact skin without surgery. Is a real SPA quality products for busy people is home to enjoy.

Flavor: I love its aroma, smell, mask smell that aroma, pleasant guests beautiful skin.

Above are only small ran a personal point of view, as to the practical effect is the need for babies to experience now.

Colorful and elaborate SPA, you're worth it

Highly recommended for baby o ( _ ) o

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