Xiao Li autumn in Guangzhou and go Pats

Guangzhou autumn has finally arrived


I can put away short sleeves, say goodbye to hot summers Elegant chest with a special symbol required of

Guangzhou's summer is always very long!

This climate

Best suited to go out, such as picnic horse

Xiao Li went out for a walk with her friend Pat

Match for the first time, felt strange!

Autumn arrived, give yourself control the comfort of small open-shirted, is particularly important.

Red Cardigan, with long gray dress, Cardigan the color is red, but has a long gray dress color is less obtrusive ~

In fact, Xiao Li was trying to get myself into a gentle female paper, so I camouflage gowns often become Nirvana.

The breeze blows, agitates the skirt and Cardigan, it is feeling to it ~

Collocation is a pointy black shoes

Height wearing flat bottom stress ~

Autumn in Guangzhou, she should be most comfortable with a season of the year.

Grass is still green, Breeze, sunshine, out for a walk, the mood became very well!

Changed costumes, white chiffon blouse, with a bright yellow high waist pants.

High waist pants died, did not fit in..

This could see the little yellow pants ~

Chiffon sleeves of the shirt is big, with a high waist pants, and a feeling of a second morph Butterfly sleeves!

My photographer said, might as well turn the photo into a black and white, so that your dark circles with little black skin would not have been so obvious!

Good TAT sang ~

Well, little Li's match Virgin completes the

I decided after a lot of match

Because too many clothes

Let them see the light!

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Guangzhou autumn mix Cardigan long chiffon skirts high waist pants shirts

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